Making Your Own Personalized Ruby Rings-xpphone

Jewelry-Diamonds Rubies are a popular choice as centerpieces in various forms of jewelry. These beautiful gemstones are particularly popular to be used as centerpieces in the rings. There are many people who usually go for the preset rings but on the other hand a growing number of people are veering towards the personalized ruby rings. This is because not only the personalization of the ruby rings make them even more special but it also helps to control the quality. If you want to make the personalized ruby rings too, here is a guide to help you out: The first thing you are required to do is that you have to go out and buy the ring settings comprising of the right number of prongs. The number of prongs usually depends on the type of gemstones chosen by you. You will also have to choose a set of good ring mounts; the choice is usually dependent upon the rubies shape. Next you have to choose the size of the rubies. You may need to measure the rubies. You have to buy the ring settings according to the size of the rubies you have chosen. This is really important because the absence of a proper sized ring setting may cause the ruby centerpieces to fall off. Once everything is in place you will have to place the gemstone into the centre of the prongs with the help of a pair of tweezers. In most of the cases, the rubies can easily fit inside the settings, but they may also fall off. Next, you will have to use a pair of needle nose pliers for crimping a single prong at a time over the gemstone centerpiece. You simply have to position the bottom tongue of the pliers at the bottom of the prong which has to be tightened. The other tongue is then to be placed on the top of the prong. You are then required to apply some pressure carefully on the prong and then bend it over the rubies. In fact, you will have to go on to tighten the prongs and make sure that while doing it you move in diagonal movements. The process has to be continued till the time you have tightened every prong. It is important that you move in a diagonal manner so that your rubies do not fall out of the ring settings, as it may actually happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: