Man and family dispute, swallow 16 cm long hair clothing needle stuck in the throat (video)

Man with a family quarrel to swallow 16 cm long sweater needle stuck in the throat of Optics Valley recently, a man with a family dispute, has swallowed a root diameter of about 0.3 cm, about 16 cm long needle, the card in the throat, but doctors successfully removed. On the morning of September 3rd, Mr. Cao, 33, had a quarrel with his wife and father because of some family chores. In the neighbor’s persuasion, Cao turned away, came to the bedroom, the wardrobe will be a sweater needle swallowed. A few minutes later, Mr. Cao walked out of the bedroom, unable to speak, and pointed his throat for help. The family tried to use chopsticks to take out needle, needle into the throat but the sweater is too deep, has no way out, then rushed to the Wuhan General Hospita of Guangzhou Military Region Mr. cao. Test results show that the needle Cao swallow is about 16 cm long, with his top damage may be the pleura, to remove the difficulty, the slightest mistake could hurt the arteries. Department of ENT director Yang Changliang and cardiothoracic surgery, anesthesia consultation, finalized the program. Finally, Yang Changliang, director of the Department of ENT, carefully removed the sweater needle, the whole process is only 10 minutes. After the needle was removed, the patient had no laryngeal bleeding and dyspnea, and all the vital signs were stable. (reporter Yu Lijuan correspondent Li Rui) woman quarrel with her husband angry swallowed 20 cm abdominal acupuncture to wear sweaters

男子与家人起争执 吞下16厘米长毛衣针卡在喉部  近日,光谷一名男子与家人发生争执后,居然吞下一根粗约0.3厘米、长约16厘米的毛衣针,结果卡在喉部,幸好医生成功取出。  9月3日上午,33岁的曹先生因一些家庭琐事与妻子、父亲发生争吵。在邻居的劝说下,曹先生转身离开,来到卧室后,竟将衣柜里一根毛衣针吞下。几分钟后,曹先生走出卧室,不能说话,手指着喉咙呼救。家人试图用筷子将毛衣针取出,但毛衣针入喉太深,始终没有办法取出,遂赶紧将曹先生带到广州军区武汉总医院。  检查结果显示,曹先生吞入的毛衣针长约16厘米,他的胸膜有被顶破损的可能,要想取出难度较大,稍有不慎可能伤及动脉。耳鼻喉科杨长亮主任与心胸外科、麻醉科会诊,敲定了方案。最后,耳鼻喉科杨长亮主任小心翼翼地将这根毛衣针顺利取出,整个过程不过10分钟。毛衣针取出后,患者无喉部出血及呼吸困难,各项生命体征均平稳。(记者于丽娟 通讯员李锐) 女子与丈夫吵架怄气 竟吞下20公分毛衣针刺穿腹部相关的主题文章: