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Coaching As the field of life coaching continues to expand, there is increasing opportunity for new coaches to establish themselves in the marketplace. Understanding a few basic marketing concepts and knowing how to apply them properly online will help you to establish yourself as a life coach and to steadily build your practice. Who Do You Want to Serve? Most people enter the life coaching profession because they have a desire to help others create a satisfying life and achieve their goals. Since life coaching is a service oriented position, the foundation for a strong marketing plan is to identify who you would like to serve and in what way. Some coaches like to work with new parents, others feel a calling to serve business people. The potential target audience is almost endless, since many sectors of the population are now hiring life coaches. Once you identify who your target audience is, you can then focus in on what types of issues and concerns they have. Your marketing will revolve around this. For example, marketing yourself as a life coach is not as effective as stating I help executives .municate more effectively with their employees, or I assist holistic entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action. Why Am I Different? Since more people are life coaches daily, it is essential to differentiate yourself to stand out in the .petitive marketplace. This is a basic principle of attraction marketing, and the basic tenet is that when you differentiate yourself, you are essentially eliminating .petition. People hire you because you are you, and not simply because you are in the life coaching field. When you are ready for this step ask yourself, What am I passionate about? What makes me unique? What am I bringing to the marketplace that noone else is? Chances are, you entered life coaching as a career because of a personal life experience that you had, and this is a good place to begin looking to cultivate a personal brand. Your personal brand includes all aspects of differentiation, as well as your core mission and ethics, the quality of your service, your price, business name, logo, and marketing materials. Develop an Online Presence Understanding online tools gives you an immediate marketing advantage, since there are literally millions of potential clients you can serve using the internet. Setting up a life coaching website with an About Me section, as well as an opt-in, free gift, and a blog is a solid start to begin presenting your branding message to your potential audience. Also, choose one or two social media sites and begin to build .munity by offering your knowledge and expertise. Always add value to these .munities; never pitch your product or service. Attraction marketing works by building relationships first; people do not like being sold during their leisure time. As you begin to build your online presence and brand in this way, you will establish credibility and authority in your chosen niche market in the vast life coaching field. Potential clients will begin to .e to you and ask you for your help, and your business will grow .anically. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: