Mary Is With Me All The

Arts-and-Entertainment This is how I was lead by our Virgin Mary. First of all, Im going to tell to you my experience in finding an training job for this summer. And because this internship is required for us and Im sure for us the 4th year students too. at the start it was very frustrating to find a decent and nice .pany to have my internship, but since it wasnt that late for me, I told myself that its still not late for me to find one, which is nice and better than of all those we be with on that month of march and early on April . So I still search for new .panies that might accept me for the Job Training. We walked a lot more sweats on every course related .pany for us in Makati the first day of our hunt, but none of we went gave answer to us. And then we targeted the Production Houses and also photography .panies because we thought that we are also wel.e there, because we have a Photography subject and this cost us a lot just to pass the requirements given to us. Also we went to post production agencies that are listed in ASAP (Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines) and give directly by self our re.mendation letter together with our curriculum vitae. And still nothing happens, no one of them gave response. While we are searching for another one, weve .e up of searching through internet about internships in relate to this course I am taking. Then we saw a post from a free post website about internship, we expected that it is really is it, well in fact its not. We also thought that this is really better and awesome .pany but were wrong. And the said .pany was somewhat sounds like fraud or joke. They told us that the .pany had been on the industry for 9 years, and then later on they said that the .pany or publishing hasnt gone its 1st year. And they also said that the .pany owner was a rich. Theyve take us to that said boss. Nah! But he doesnt look like a billionaire, really! Thats why we decided not to go back there and have a nice goodbye to the said .pany. That time, the month was already ending. And the frustrations on my head are bursting. Until my other friends/classmates are already hired in an events production field and its only me now who doesnt have Job training. I got too much frustrations because of this then, Sunday morning we family went to church. From there I thought of praying the prayers from Blessed Marys chaplet and ask her to help me to get a decent .pany. By Monday I sent a resume to the .pany that where I am training on. And fortunately this .pany asks me to go to their office for an interview and luckily hired as intern. At last! I got job training. My frustrations are gone because of prayer and at the same time, not that long I get what Ive prayed for. That is how Mary and Jesus touches us, gives us first a problem before he help us. The same with the Virgin Mary, and for me it was awsome. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: