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Microsoft conference Preview: HoloLens can make up for missed opportunities? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] science news Beijing time 26 evening 10, Microsoft will hold a new conference in New York. Foreign media reports, Microsoft may bring four new hardware, respectively, Surface one machine, Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and for the mass market augmented reality device: HoloLens. As for the new Lumia or Surface Phone, the industry believes that they may not appear in this new conference. In addition, earlier, there is news that Microsoft will cut the bracelet product line, therefore, this may not have a Microsoft Band3 Bracelet appears. In just the past WSJDLive2016 global technology conference, Microsoft CEO Sutter ya ·, Nadella admitted that Microsoft has appeared in the smart phone business mistakes, apparently missed the mobile tide". However, Microsoft is looking for new opportunities for development, through the massive attack AR HoloLens (augmented reality) is one of them. Therefore, tonight’s press conference, the public version of the HoloLens will be a major bright spot. Earlier, Microsoft released the HoloLens version of the developer, this product is very powerful, including projection of news information flow, simulation games, aided 3D modeling, watch the video and view the weather, simulated Mars landing scene etc.. The Hololens (Source:Flickr Microsoft Swedena CC demo BY 2) however, the developers of HoloLens version of the price up to $3000 or so many people discouraged. Today, the public version of the HoloLens is expected to launch, its performance is still strong, the price will be close to the people, which are worthy of attention. For Microsoft, the current small target should be to allow consumers to fall in love with the new HoloLens products to make up for the loss of the company in the mobile field. For AR practitioners or intelligent hardware practitioners, they should be paid more attention to, such as HoloLens "Pokemon go" or as rapidly as popular, bring a new round of upsurge of AR; and the HoloLens can replace Apple Watch as intelligent hardware market leader? These suspense, after tonight, is expected to get the answer. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news read: (source: Flickr Mike MozartCC named BY 2)相关的主题文章: