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The first three quarters of the wages of migrant workers mutual dependence rate 100%– Qinghai channel — people.com.cn original title: the first three quarters of migrant workers wages totaling rate of 100% in September 30th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Labor Supervision Bureau was informed that this year, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County for several years ago, migrant workers wage restructuring problems, draw lessons, the wages of migrant workers wages totaling high overall and increase the source of prevention, supervision and punishment according to law, dynamic. From January to September, a total of 70 complaints about wages owed to peasant workers were received, involving 22 million 669 thousand and 500 yuan, involving 2364 people. All of them have been settled, and the rate of settling cases and the rate of compensation have reached 100%. It is reported that, this year, according to the principle of "territorial management, hierarchical responsibility, who is in charge, who is responsible", Huzhu county established the leading group of county peasant workers’ salary from the county Party committee secretary, the first deputy leader of the county, and implemented the county level leadership package system. Huzhu county labor supervision team for new projects, the project did not pay the wages of migrant workers, and urge them to apply for "construction permit" before the payment of wages deposit. Up to now, the county deposit wages of migrant workers 18 million 908 thousand and 40 yuan, of which education projects to pay 10 million 55 thousand yuan, transportation projects to pay 2 million 663 thousand and 40 yuan, other projects pay 6 million 190 thousand yuan, give full play to the "margin" the first line of defense role. This year, Huzhu county has also implemented the government supervision system for project funds, signed agreements with the enterprises and banks in the projects under construction, and the government supervised the funds to prevent the loss of funds from the three other projects. In the project funds allocation mode, strict implementation of the project and wage "two lines" separately allocated method, until the wages of migrant workers paid in full on time, and then pay the progress of the project. Supervise the construction of party a monthly wage will be regularly allocated to the County Labor Supervision Brigade special account by the labor inspection team Supervision issued directly to the hands of migrant workers, eliminate past wages to contractors, team leader account, to prevent the occurrence of contractors, team leader of arbitrary deduction salary made two arrears phenomenon. At the same time, the county human resources and Social Security Bureau in conjunction with more departments and units to supervise and urge all the labor units in the county, a total of 185 units of employers, involving labor workers 12011 people, supervise and sign labor contracts 402 copies, supervision and payment of migrant workers wages 11 million 741 thousand and 530 yuan. There are significant default risks of the project supervision, early intervention, to prevent the occurrence of new wage arrears problem, through the investigation found that the arrears of wages of migrant workers and the existing problems of 7 enterprises in arrears of wages of migrant workers, migrant workers wage arrears of 101 670 thousand yuan, have all been ordered to put in place. (commissioning editor Zhang Liping and Yang Yang)

互助前三季度农民工工资清欠率100%–青海频道–人民网 原标题:前三季度农民工 工资清欠率100% 9月30日,记者从省劳动监察局获悉,今年以来,互助土族自治县针对几年前农民工工资清欠出现的问题,认真吸取教训,对农民工工资清欠工资高位统筹,加大源头防范、动态监管和依法查处力度。1月至9月共受理拖欠农民工工资投诉案件70件,涉及金额2266.95万元,涉及人数2364人,目前已全部结案,结案率、清欠率均达100%。 据悉,今年以来,按照“属地管理、分级负责,谁主管、谁负责”的原则,互助县成立了由县委书记任组长、县长任第一副组长的县农民工工资清欠领导小组,实行县级分管领导包案制度。互助县劳动监察大队针对新建项目情况,对未缴纳农民工工资保证金的工程项目,督促其在办理《施工许可证》之前按要求缴纳工资保证金。截至目前,全县缴存农民工工资保证金1890.804万元,其中教育项目缴纳1005.5万元,交通项目缴纳266.304万元,其它项目缴纳619万元,充分发挥了保证金“第一道防线”的作用。 今年,互助县还实行了项目资金政府监管制度,对在建项目会同企业、银行三方签订协议,政府对资金监管,防止回笼资金流失到其它项目。在项目资金拨付方式上,严格实行工程款和工资款“两条线”分别拨付的方法,待农民工工资按时足额支付后,再行拨付工程进度款。督促施工方按月将工资定期拨付到县劳动监察大队专用账户,由劳动监察大队监督直接发放到农民工手中,杜绝以往工资发到包工头、班组长账户,杜绝发生包工头、班组长随意克扣工人工资造成二次拖欠的现象。 同时,县人力资源社会保障局会同多部门和单位检查督促全县所有用工单位,全年共检查用人单位185家,涉及劳务工12011人,督促签定劳动合同402份,监督发放农民工工资1174.153万元。对存有重大拖欠隐患的项目,及早介入督查,防止发生新的工资拖欠问题,通过排查发现拖欠农民工工资和存在拖欠农民工工资隐患企业7家,拖欠101名农民工工资67万元,已全部责令发放到位。 (责编:张莉萍、杨阳)相关的主题文章: