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Millet 5S three sword battle volley HUAWEI double photo millet 5 price – the Sohu of science and technology science and technology aesthetics as usual Saturday night live after 4 days, the new flagship millet millet 5S must come out. @ micro-blog recently released a series of mobile phone millet Official Teaser poster, in addition to the previous Xiaolong 821 processor, ultrasonic fingerprint identification, today also confirm a key configuration: dual camera. This morning, millet phone official micro-blog released a message, the content is that some or have to have. In addition to photography, what are the black technology?". The figure also appeared "in addition to the double photo, what?" A few words, in addition to the emergence of a dual camera. Obviously millet 5S will be red rice Pro after the second dual camera models. The Millet’s nemesis HUAWEI P9 and glory series are also double photo. It seems that this year the domestic models have to be photographed in the next article. Of course, HUAWEI has not been idle last year, HUAWEI and Leica cooperation, launched its first mobile phone HUAWEI P9 dual camera, then, the two sides will reach further strategic cooperation, the first benefit should be the next release of HUAWEI Mate 9. It is understood that HUAWEI and Leica have reached a further strategic cooperation plan, the two sides will set up a Max · do not break the innovation laboratory joint R & D. The latest news, HUAWEI will be officially released in November 8th of this year’s annual flagship Mate 9. It is reported that, Mate 9 will be equipped with a dual Leica camera with 20 million pixels, and supports OIS optical anti shake. Screen is 6 inches, fingerprint identification is still post design, equipped with Unicorn processor (probably the full Netcom), running Android 7 system. Just at the moment, millet market leader @ Wei Tony released a micro-blog: millet 2016 fall from the new conference there are still 4 days." The micro-blog small tail display from millet 5s". This basically determined that the name of Millet’s new flagship, called millet 5S. Millet mobile phone micro-blog official exposure, there will be surprises in the camera. So, millet 5S camera performance exactly how? To see CEO Lei Jun millet exposure of the sample. From the sample EXIF information, this photo is from millet 5S, shutter 1750 seconds, ISO is 100, the aperture is 2, the resolution is 3264*2448, which is about 8 million pixels down. According to reports, this is not the complete proofs, but after compression, so a conservative estimate of millet 5S pixel camera should be more than 13 million, may also be a double 12 million pixel scheme? How do you feel? About the price, according to a suspected conference PPT screenshot of the latest exposure, millet 5S Standard Version of the price is still 1999 yuan, in addition to Xiaolong 821 processor, equipped with 6GB ram +64GB fuselage storage, there may be a high version. Wall相关的主题文章: