Ministry of education officials to go to the university can not be equated with administrative level

Officials of the Ministry of Education: university administration can not be equated to the administrative level of Education – Sohu any social organization in the administrative management in state-owned enterprises, research institutes, hospitals and other institutions have administrative level and to the administration of the discussion is not warm when the widespread concern of the university to the chief of the show two questions: one is the university administration may be more serious than other industries; the two is the university academic atmosphere, can not tolerate excessive administrative intervention, more strongly against the school system. Administrative and normal administrative only grasp the degree, university administrative ideal to ensure the healthy functioning of the university teaching and academic power, to supervise and prevent improper teaching and academic power deviation. Today we talk about the university administration, in fact, is the administrative university management of both the problem of excessive, also have administrative not as a problem, such as the allocation of resources and the evaluation of excessive use of administrative authority and academic authority in less, is a major cause of today’s anti administration; administrative right of learning of students not as a result, the quality of teaching and talent training quality. It is well known that the administration of the university is not to get rid of the administrative management. The essence of the University’s administration is not to abolish the university level and the level, but to change the current government and the school and the school internal resources allocation mode, let the academic power to participate in, play a role. The evaluation of the professor’s academic level should be based on the academic peers, rather than the performance evaluation policy formulated by the administrative department. Higher education to deepen the reform, when the University’s school funding, funding is not the main source of funding for research funding, the University of excessive administrative and even the natural demise of the bureaucracy. Obviously, the voice of the private universities to the administration is not high. The University’s administration can not simply be compared with foreign countries. China’s universities are in the government led and provide the main resources under the conditions of the gradual development of foreign universities is based on self financing on the basis of continuous development. The reason Chinese university administrative color more and more concentrated in the government to control the allocation of funds and personnel, in order to prevent and reduce the corruption of the University, the government through the examination and approval authority on the layers of more and more stringent supervision, to strengthen government supervision is equivalent to the administration. The university administration is not to get rid of the university administration, but should get rid of the academic power in accordance with the administrative power to run the logic management mode, to remove the corresponding administrative level teaching and scientific institutions and their staff, get rid of the administrative institutions of the academic matters decisions, grasp the academic power to get rid of bureaucracy the right way. In fact, administrative power and academic power have two different structural models. Administrative power is the structure of Pyramid, each step will increase the scope of power; academic power is different, the more in-depth the details of the study, the right to speak. Therefore, it should be removed from the administrative management of teachers, student training and academic research of non scientific constraints. To go to university is not equivalent to the administrative level of the history of the University, to determine the level of the executive director of the University in order to solve the problem of Education相关的主题文章: