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More than 30 war veterans 27 in front of the tower sing inherited red spirit Beijing – old soldiers gather to share a happy life. Ma Xin photo Beijing, September 13 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter menjiedan) in September 13th, the Sixteenth National Defense Education Day, "918 anniversary" is approaching, more than 30 war veterans gathered in Zhengzhou 27 monument, to sing revolutionary songs in the form of inheritance of red spirit, to remind the public to carry out national defense education. Do not forget national humiliation. In the morning, Zhengzhou sky floating in the rain, more than 30 Korean old soldiers dressed in uniforms, wore a medal, accompanied by his family continued to gather in Zhengzhou 27 Memorial tower. Neatly lined up, they sang "without the Communist Party there would be no new Chinese", "a soldier" red songs, singing loud and clear and sonorous, attracted many people stop onlookers. "It’s raining, see these old soldiers sing songs, promote red spirit, as a young man, very touched!" The more than and 30 year old Feng Shu said the people of the old soldiers, although old, but in good spirits, singing is also very strong, full of positive energy. "See these old soldiers, thought in the flames of war era, they establish a new China, made distinctions won in battle, although old, but still the heart of the country, play heat, worthy of praise!" Wang Litao said the public side with a cell phone camera hair circle of friends. 17 years old, 85 years old this year, the Korean Army veteran Wang Guoen told reporters that they meet the old soldiers in addition to memories of the war years, is about the happy life now. "We are now living a good life, the country is also rich and powerful, and this is our greatest happiness." Wang Guoen told the young man: "do not covet enjoyment, to hard-working, thrifty, steadfast, conscientiously follow the party, the construction of the socialism, looking forward to a better future, this is our hope for the next generation." It is reported that this activity is to sing Honghe organizations Zhengzhou Korean veterans of the old soldiers home was established in 6, has been all over the country to carry out patriotic education in more than 120 screenings. The old soldiers home founder Zhang Ailan said, the old soldiers each have a patriotic feelings, they want to put their inner feelings with patriotic songs to wake up everyone, do not forget national humiliation, not to forget the history, let the red spirit through their practice, from generation to generation to. (end)相关的主题文章: