Mr Han hit 10 hours and 18 minutes of speech

Mr Han hit 10 hours and 18 minutes of speech record original title: hamersly record 10 hours 18 minutes speech record firmly against terrorism law South Korea Democratic congressman Yin Xiumei from 24 am local time at 2:30, 10 hours and 18 minutes of continuous speech. In new network on 25 February, according to South Korean media reports, in order to prevent the speaker of the parliament of processing the anti-terrorism law, South Korean opposition free speech (filibuster, also called a lengthy debate, it is a lengthy speech in parliament debate or personal extension of the proposal right of blocking), third common Democratic congressman Yin Xiumei from the local 24, 2:30 in the morning, continuous speech in 10 hours and 18 minutes, breaking the US Democratic presidential candidate Bernard Saunders (Bernie Sanders) record of 8 hours, and at the same time more than the deceased former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung. According to reports, the South Korean government sought through comprehensive anti-terrorism law, the security bill proposes the establishment of a new anti espionage department, to the intelligence agencies responsible for reporting, and assist on the monitoring, may point to attack intelligence analysis and investigation. The bill would allow South Korean intelligence agencies to obtain monitoring private communications power, South Korea has been the opposition boycott, they said the intelligence agencies in politics is not avoid leaning to either side. Yin Xiumei said: "a lot of people asked me to talk about how dignified and valuable people are, and how anti-terrorism law violates human rights compared with the constitution. In the absence of adequate preparation, I strongly want to be a spokesman for the people to try to talk about. Violence, strife and terrorist attacks in modern society are created from poverty and despair. We are not trying to stop terrorists, but to eliminate inequality, and to make terrorists no longer appear in peace and reconciliation." When asked if she was tired for 10 hours of speech, she said, "tired.". The waist hurts, and the leg hurts. It hurts all over. But as long as I think about the faces of the people I’ve seen and the people who were fired yesterday, even if I’m tired, I want to go on with it." Prior to this, Kim Dae-jung passed the 5 hour and 19 minute speech in April 20, 1964 to stop the detention agreement, and finally succeeded. US Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernard Saunders in December 10, 2010 to stop "on the wealthy tax cut extension case" through a speech in 8 hours and 37 minutes. Editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

韩议员创10小时18分钟演说纪录   原标题:韩议员创10小时18分钟演说纪录 坚决反对反恐法 韩国共同民主党议员殷秀美从当地时间24日凌晨2时30分起,连续进行演说10小时18分钟。   中新网2月25日电 据韩媒报道,为阻止国会议长处理反恐法,韩国在野党无限制演讲(filibuster,又称冗长辩论、冗长演说,它是一种在议会中个人延长辩论或是阻挡提案的权利)第三位进行者、共同民主党议员殷秀美从当地时间24日凌晨2时30分起,连续进行演说10小时18分钟,打破了美国民主党总统候选人伯纳德・桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)8个小时的纪录,同时超过了已故韩国前总统金大中。   据报道,韩国政府寻求通过全面的反恐法,该安全法案建议设立新的反间谍部门,向情报机构负责人汇报,并协助对可能指向袭击的情报进行监视、分析和调查。该法案将让韩国情报机构获得监控私人通讯的权力,一直受到韩国在野党的抵制,他们称情报机构在政治上并非不偏不倚。   殷秀美说:“很多人要求我谈谈人是多么有尊严、有价值,和宪法相比,反恐法是如何违反人权。在准备不充足的情况下,我强烈想作为国民的代言人来试着谈一谈。现代社会的暴力、纷争和恐怖袭击是从贫困和绝望中产生的。我们不是要阻止恐怖分子,而是要扫除不平等,用和平和和解的方式令恐怖分子不再出现。”   当有人问殷秀美连续10小时进行演说是否劳累时,她回答说:“很累。腰也疼,腿也疼,全身都疼。但只要一想起我曾经见过的贫困的人们和昨天被解雇的人们的脸,即使是累,我也想继续说下去。”   此前,金大中为阻止“拘留同意案”通过,曾在1964年4月20日进行了长达5小时19分钟的发言,最终成功。   美国民主党总统候选人、联邦参议员伯纳德・桑德斯在2010年12月10日为阻止“对富裕阶层的税金减免延长案”的通过进行了长达8小时37分钟的演说。 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章: