Mutual fund north south hot cold sales nearly 86 times

Mutual fund north south hot cold sales is almost 86 times of We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: mutual fund north south hot cold Beijing daily news (reporter Su Changchun) the State Administration of foreign exchange bureau yesterday released the latest mainland Hongkong mutual fund issued sales inward remittance of capital, data show that the mutual recognition of the fund still maintain the north south hot cold differentiation pattern. As of September 30th, the north is the sale of Hongkong fund sales fund sales of nearly 86 times the mainland. Data show that as of September 30th, Hongkong fund sales territory issue funds remitted a total of 9 billion 320 million yuan, a total of 933 million yuan to 8 billion 390 million yuan, the cumulative net export. Hongkong and mainland fund selling funds accumulated import 124 million yuan, remitted a total of 27 million 610 thousand yuan, the cumulative net import 96 million 820 thousand yuan. Sina said in a statement: this message is reproduced from sina Associated Media, posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: