My early assessment frequent hot switching properties of market exposure

My early assessment: frequent hot switching market picked up these properties: exposure to stabilize the mentality with the amount of breakthrough platform involved in the two cities yesterday rebounded bottom late stock index to 3090 points, the two cities from rising, it now appears that repeated shocks after the recent period of time, 3100 points above the pressure has been eased significantly, but single from the disk, the disk hot plate is obviously insufficient, the most recent lack of strength after Chonggao down or bottom rebound only shows that the current field of internal and external funds is not stable, although from a technical point of view, near 3070 has become the new bottom, and the bottom is gradually upward trend, but the above 3100 points the pressure, if there is no policy of the substantive good, it is difficult to break up the platform, even exceeded 3100 of the platform will be hit back, so investors are heavy Note that the policy is, in my opinion index short, whether up or down, are the main mihunzhen pendulum, the trend has not fully recovered, the market is still in shock whipsaw, even if the rise is also the tangled market, so that these "pick up the steady mentality with the amount of breakthrough platform involved ‘now investors don’t see the index, rose in a hurry up, don’t look at the index intraday dive, anxious to flesh, in the direction of the market has not obvious choice, inaction is the best way, from the data, yesterday a net outflow of funds is less than 3 billion, and the plate showing broad, not only can not completely excessive amplification the technology is on the rising trend, now the data have better disk signs, but the market has not fully started, so now do not act with undue haste. For the next operation, I analysis and the same as before, if the index broke and stand 3100 platform, we can boldly follow, re layout, index below 3100 points regardless of how shocks, we all don’t operate, hold your chips. Even if this wave of market has really come, we miss a line or two line does not matter, if only short-term market, catch a line or two Yang Xing, may not be able to earn money, so be sure to wait for the trend of uncertainty, we re operation. Jade: hot market exposure to frequent switching properties index appeared again three positive trend, and in the last week there have been a wave of four with Yang, but even so, in fact or in the 8.24-8.25 index gap position tug. The highlights from the gem index Tuesday after midday, MULTI GEM stocks moment trading, the gem index also set a narrow range in recent days highs (a month before the peak of 2218), but only from the index point of view, 2260-2270 resistance near the gem above is still very strong, it cannot be said that a candle will have a big breakthrough. The jade that box shrinking market in September is to bring in a small holiday, holiday and other factors of the consolidation, stocks active again, so the GEM stocks broad is a good thing, it also told investors the weight stock market index can only lead to the trigger down, instead of local diving is a bold bargain hunting opportunities now, the index is still does not have break down condition. Especially hot.相关的主题文章: