Nanjing announced the purchase of housing policy interpretation forced people to divorce coscoqd

Nanjing release property purchase restrictions policy interpretation of forced masses "divorce" the afternoon of September 25th, was a placid afternoon. " " waves; only lasted until 17 PM, in Nanjing set off a round of " " sexual intercourse; the tempestuous waves. Because we are ready to eat tea, chatting and playing cards, " Nanjing released " threw a heavy bomb, the Nanjing municipal government introduced the main city housing purchase policy. It is expected that had a dinner appointment of the director to cancel the dinner, ready to go back to the sales offices to discuss " " wall ladder; the original movie about a real estate reporter, ready to return to the newspaper was prepared to work overtime; said of a couple couples who might start to consider buying " " divorce…… On the purchase of the policy in Nanjing continue to influence is still fermenting, actually together on one point: the purchase of credit limit can really stabilize prices? The five points with 10 years of experience in financial reporter Dayong proposed: one, the purchase of credit limit in the short term is certainly effective, this round of skyrocketing housing prices is mainly from investment driven, purchase credit limit will undoubtedly hold real momentum. Two, the price rise is a result, but not by the restriction of credit limit, the long-term trend, such as Suzhou already fell sharply, Shenzhen, Nanjing second-hand housing transactions have also appeared tired, purchasing power overdraft results have emerged. Three, the new regulations will continue to promote the formation of a vertical blow to small and medium developers, the state-owned enterprises will further expand the monopoly of the land market, social capital continues to focus on state-owned enterprises and the central government. Four, the property market is a part of the macro economy and the monetary policy, the economic structure does not solve the problem, the property market is always a mess, is also the Eternal Knot, government orientation control objective is difficult to achieve. Five, excessive administrative intervention will further distort the price of all kinds of factors, the birth of a variety of corruption and abnormal market behavior, a lot of people to circumvent the restrictions on the purchase of loans to the Civil Affairs Bureau " divorce "! In fact, no matter we see no Dayong said, what he said is nonsense or golden laws and precious rules or the purchase, " fake divorce " maybe tomorrow the newspaper headlines!相关的主题文章: