New graphic Nissan Ma Chi sharp little monster.

New graphic: Nissan Ma Chi sharp little monsters come phoenix car · new graphic at the Paris auto show in 2016, Nissan brought fifth code Chi, the car and in the domestic sale of the blue jays, Sylphy car by Nissan’s new V-Motion family front design. The appearance of the new car is exquisite, sharp, most of the design inherited the 2015 Geneva auto show SWAY concept car. Mary’s interior design is more youthful, double color design is more fashionable, the increase of color can also avoid visual fatigue. From the layout of the central control point of view, this car is still a continuation of the minimalist style. From the configuration point of view, the new Ma Chi standard lane departure warning system, emergency brake monitoring system, traffic sign recognition system and blind spot warning, but these are in order to set up the European environment, only a few domestic can not say. Ma Chi using the three power unit, respectively is 0.9T turbocharged three cylinder gasoline engine and 1.5T turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine, will launch a 1.0L three cylinder naturally aspirated engine into the Chinese market. In the transmission, the car uses 5 speed manual transmission and CVT transmission in two forms. Summary: the new Ma Chi changed the lovely appearance, from the interior to the exterior with the changes not only turn the world upside down, more quantitative, qualitative change. The car will go on sale in Europe in March 2017, what time can the introduction of domestic, is not to say, now only hope he a little less in time to be able to enter the domestic configuration, more hope to have a reasonable price.相关的主题文章: