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Arts-and-Entertainment There are many ways that you can scan pages in Excel are. The method you choose depends on several factors. The most important factors is the structure and layout of pages. The columns and rows of data using another tab or limitation text is formatted with the conversion usually the best results. Another consideration is the quality of the scanned files. In general, poor image quality, small print pages with errors or spreadsheets with .plex designs take the time to make improvements. The perfect solution to decide on the best way to test is to ask for a sample. But the following list may help you to decide on a solution. OCR software: automatic conversion as long as the least expensive and fastest is the right choice. Document table with data separated by tabs and spaces give the best results. Non-standard columns or rows of the sheet with errors can be resolved with some manual adjustments. Zonal software automatically recognizes and character fills in the database format. Sometimes, a rubber band a user is reading a certain area of a document referred to as the set area. To a corresponding cell in the rubber belt is recorded. Zonal index is not suitable for all projects. Jobs may be due to the different type of document conversion problem. Anders automated process will not work. Adobe Acrobat: it is possible to convert a PDF file to Excel. First PDF with OCR text recognition identification document (Select> OCR Text Recognition> Recognize Text). Then you save the file as an Excel spreadsheet tables will be required. Programming with Visual Basic or VBA: Format information in rows and columns, such as mailing lists VB script uses a CSV .ma Separated Values format can transfer data. CSV file will be opened in a spreadsheet for easy viewing and analysis. Programming a formatting problem when information such as zip code or abbreviation is a method to the field with specific length. Copy and paste: Copy and paste the ideal solution. But over time, can save retyping pages. This solution is generally used for small jobs with some errors, but the data are not formatted. Data Entry Services: software technology, poor quality images where time does not work for a lot of improvement needed for a valuable option. It costs more to poor quality data entry manually typed documents effective use of experts. The results are highly accurate and cost effective. Especially if the work is done offshore, allowing you the most favorable price. OCR software will produce an error-free document. The organization usually misspellings and page layout should correct the problem. Scanned documents frequently speckles, dots and black border as imperfections are. That shows you how to improve you will be amazed at the results when using the following techniques: Scanning Resolution: 300 dpi resolution object character recognition works best with scanned documents. High-resolution color scanning and scan-time it takes to scan a document to increase. Results 400 dpi spreadsheets, invoices and old newspapers can be improved in order to increase the resolution. But generally, you do not need to scan at 600 dpi pages to less than 6 points font is too small. Colour scanning: poorly documented to .pletely obscure the monochrome mode (B & W) can be scanned. Color and grayscale scanning old documents that are yellowed, stained, wrinkled, faded, and the recognition rates improve. Put each colour background color, shade or documents with small fonts and line breaks can improve recognition rates. Colour scanning, the primary concern is the increase in file size. Grayscale usually small file size and .pression technologies can significantly reduce the size of the document. Ian Miles is experienced inter. marketing consultant and writes articles on Data Extraction Services , Data Entry India , Content Writing Services , and email list cleaning services. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: