Oh good wallet! Another large number of limited make-up struck www.7808.cn

Oh good wallet! Another wave struck the limits of makeup at the end of each year have launched their own flagship limited edition products, this is the most time control makeup hold chop hand, let us look at these limited edition has launched what you like. The golden age Eyeshadow CPB key to skin 9g golden age palette RMB1200 November 2016 listed the fusion of 8 contrasting colors, optional collocation, make eyes charming and attractive, charming eyes shine subtle. The charm of purple and elegant red showing a perfect female dress up colorful blooming Camellia brooch. The golden age of the key skin gloss palette CPB golden age Gloss Palette 1# retro sensation 2.5G RMB480 November 2016 listed the 1# color (retro classic contains rich sensation) red camellia (fog velvet), gorgeous sparkling red coral (satin) and luxurious elegant gold (luster), quicksand to create elegant and luxurious soft lips. The golden age Gloss Palette CPB skin gloss palette 2# key golden age of modern charm 2.5G RMB480 November 2016 listed the 2# color (modern charm) contains attractive full grape purple (fog, elegant velvet) sweet cherry pink (satin) and silver shimmer dazzling quiet (gloss), moist and delicate gorgeous smooth lips now jump. ERIC GIRIAT series of limited edition run into sunscreen moisturizing cream ERIC times air GIRIAT × HERA HERA Yan Feng charm lipstick and join the famous French fashion illustrator Eric · ghiglia ERIC GIRIAT fashion personality makeup products left girls fall in love the moment the heart still feel. Romantic HERA x ERIC 2016 FW autumn and winter in the limited set of high color makeup series GIRIAT. MaxFactor slip through secret cooperation Vitoria powder Limited Edition MaxFactor slip through secret cooperation Vitoria Limited Edition RMB178 10g powder fine silty containing PermaWear function, smooth, adhesion, good ductility, high hiding power, gently cover the skin, keep the natural elegant, long dark makeup. Secret secret cooperation cooperation MaxFactor Aqua touch foundation cream Vitoria Limited Edition MaxFactor Aqua touch foundation Vitoria Limited Edition RMB178 11.5G 2016 Vitoria Secret lingerie show official makeup brand, new golden wings cooperation’s limited edition water ripples touch foundation cream shine listed. Victoria Secret Angel special foundation "to give you the perfect new liquid foundation + powder makeup experience! The world sold 3 boxes per second "unreal magic cake", at first glance is solid, finger touch or puff instantly converted into liquid, evenly smear on the skin and become even docile, effective powder foundation, concealer, powder or deposition is not easy. M· A· C NUTCRACKER SWEET M.A.C HOLIDAY COLOUR series limited edition Nutcracker fantasy;相关的主题文章: