Online Education (certification In Graphic Design)

Our online Graphic Design Certificate programs are designed to get you started in this fun and fast-paced design industry. Stay on the cutting edge with a Graphic Design Certificate that will enable you to build a body of creative projects that showcase your talents. The online Professional Certificate program builds a foundation in design theory and software that challenges you to create logo designs, poster designs, and work in other key areas of the field. With online graphic design courses that focus on creativity and technique, beginning and advanced students alike can sharpen their skills. Course topics in the online Professional Certificate program include digital design, fundamentals of typography and the letterform, logo design, page layout and magazine layout, and poster design. Advanced Certificate students build on the Professional foundation with additional graphic design courses in print design, brand identity, or other concentration areas with classes in print production, advanced typography, packaging design, and more. Would you get legal advice from an attorney who has not passed the state bar? Would you hire an architect to build your house without AIA certification? If your .puter crashes and damages your valuable data inside, do you call a certified .puter technician to fix your hard drive or the cheapest hack around? Most professions have an accreditation, certification or licensing process. Unfortunately, among the five core design disciplines, including industrial design, interior design, architecture and engineering, only graphic design requires no validation that an individual is ready to practice professionally. The result is that anyone can call himself or herself a designer, sell design below market rates and .pete for the same job you are going after. Certification for Design Professionals Certification validates whether an individual has met certain criteria and reached the knowledge and expertise level necessary to work effectively with clients in a professional setting. Certification is earned through an organization that monitors and upholds the standards of a particular industry. It should be based on a .bination of work experience, professional .petency, business practice and education. The issue of design certification has been debated for years in this country while countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Britain have already established successful certification systems for their designers. Isnt it about time that we caught up and elevated our industry like they have? Were not brain surgeons, and design typically does not pose a risk to peoples lives. Therefore certification should be voluntary. The goal should be to encourage higher standards in education, elevate the standards of graphic design, protect designers rights and enhance visibility for our profession. Graphic Design Certificate Program The Graphic Design Certificate Program prepares ambitious individuals to enter the growing Dallas or Texas creative industry with the confidence and credentials to succeed. With over 100 hours of graphic design education, you can earn your Certificate in just 9-months. The full certificate program allows you to: Learn new skills. Our classes build upon one another, utilizing the latest industry techniques and Adobe software. Practice in the real world. Hone your new skillset as you work on assigned design projects between class sessions. Build your portfolio. Create a robust, final graphic design project to serve as the foundation for your professional portfolio. Network with peers. Build relationships as you learn alongside up to 15 design peers. Enhance your rsum. A certificate demonstrates your design skills and training to employers. Who should attend the program? Aspiring graphic design professionals seeking a strong foundation in the latest Adobe CS6 software applications. Seasoned graphic design professionals looking to learn best practices and gain a professional credential. Graphic design or administrative professionals seeking to enhance their rsum and career with design skills and training. Small business professionals looking to create a strong corporate brand. Individual Skill-Development Graphic Design Courses For those looking to enhance their graphic design skills in a particular Adobe software program, Popular short courses. Some courses are held online while others are at the Dallas campus. They include introductory and intermediate classes in Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Our skill-development courses are intended for those seeking a specific software skillset, and do not contribute to the .pletion of the certificate program. You May Qualify For Financial Aid. 相关的主题文章: