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Business The key to this is structuring your business to align with two main Laws of the Universe. First, the business must be structured to receive the abundance desired by the owner. It’s really alarming to me how many entrepreneurs structure their business based on the satisfaction they gain from the product or service they offer, rather than on leverage models proven to result in massive returns. This brings me to the second law, which is giving … but not as you might think. I’m not talking about giving things away for nothing, but about learning how to offer your own unique gifts and in such a way that your customers are ready and wanting to receive what you have to offer. During this recession, your prospects and customers may very well intellectually "know" that they "need" what you have to offer, but at the same time they don’t believe they can purchase what you have, and therefore they can’t receive the good you are putting out. So how we set up our businesses to make it easy for our customers to purchase, lets them receive the good we offer so they can better their lives. This allows you to receive what you want from your business and the whole cycle begins to move in the right direction again. Many business owners are needlessly struggling or actually going out of business right now because they don’t understand this … and why would they? They have never experienced an economy like this before, and they don’t have any knowledge of Universal Law. Many of these businesses were set up during a time when people were not afraid to buy. In fact it "felt" very easy to buy, AND if they "over-bought" it was easy to get out of debt also. Today, the consequences of over-buying are much different, and buyers are very afraid to make an incorrect move that they cannot correct. This fear and hesitation is equally unnecessary, and is a direct indication of the widespread ignorance of Universal Law and how these Laws apply to our present circumstances. Learn how to set up your business to not only survive the recession, but actually increase during it! About the Author: Join David Neagle on his Recession Rescue with Rapid Results virtual Laser-Coaching Series. David will show you how to restructure any business and change the results you are getting on a dime! Visit for more details. Apply the Universal Law and Million-Dollar Leverage strategy to restructure your business. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: