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HUAWEI Mate 9 can serve as the domestic high-end machine – the Savior of Kotler science and technology Sohu "marketing" in a book once said: "there are three types of companies, caused to happen, things happen, and the loss to wait and see what happens at a loss." HUAWEI is clearly the first type of company. For the domestic market, HUAWEI released the Mate 9 is "sincere" in China, as the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the "big brother", HUAWEI has the courage to challenge the status quo, as the development of high-end market force and kylin Hass chip. But the HUAWEI Mate 9 Pro high version of the price was 5299 yuan, a breakthrough 5000 yuan, which means that HUAWEI in the high-end market of the road has taken a solid step. For an experienced China mobile phone market from scratch, from there to the incumbents, never dropped team in the development of the industry on the road, although it experienced the pain of a brief period, but now has become a domestic mobile phone industry leader. HUAWEI can be regarded as a benchmark in the domestic high-end machine market, the current 4000 yuan on the stalls, domestic manufacturers will only be able to row on the number. Of course, for domestic manufacturers, the high-end market is unlikely to be smooth sailing, so whenever the domestic mobile phone to enter the high-end market, will encounter unimaginable setbacks, like the current millet. Long before many companies internal staff also began to suspect that the domestic mobile phone should compete with Samsung, apple? But HUAWEI has direct positive response, subversion of the domestic mobile phone in Chinese consumer image. Has the determination is a good thing, but why HUAWEI choose now to challenge the domestic mobile phone "forbidden area"? Why HUAWEI dare to rounded out the domestic mobile phone "forbidden area"? According to the SWOT analysis to analyze the strategic layout of HUAWEI, why should score more than 5000 yuan stalls. First, from HUAWEI’s own point of view: from the view of competitive advantage, HUAWEI Mate 9 Mate 9 Pro this successfully tackled the problem of Caton Andrews machine, became a direct benchmarking apple a big advantage, after all, IOS is also to fluency by consumers. In addition, HUAWEI has been in the field of innovation has a strong competitive power, HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said recently, "R & D only HUAWEI terminal investment, more than the sum of all domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and the amount is not of a magnitude". At the same time the accumulation of high-end business users over the years will provide a solid support for HUAWEI Mate 9. In addition, in the channel, HUAWEI agents have know how to quickly complete channel distribution and a series of preparatory work. In HB Province as an example, the telecommunications market in the province ranked first in the ST platform package, long-standing cooperation with HUAWEI, the Mate 9 just released, it started out in the channel of internal promotion, dealers do notice the receiving early preparations. From the point of view of competitive disadvantage, HUAWEI may have a slight gap in brand influence and apple, but this does not become its biggest obstacle. After all years of china.相关的主题文章:

Pediatric dentist guidance secrets and nursing methods of baby teeth tooth – maternal

Pediatric dentist guidance secrets and nursing methods – baby teeth tooth Sohu maternal Zai Zai almost 2 years to air leakage, that is because he has teeth in cycling fall knocked out when he was 4. It is a deciduous, now he entered the new period after permanent teeth has long out. But this is not because his teeth fall off naturally but Kediao, and now the middle of the two front teeth have a very wide gap, I am a bit worried, last week took him to the dentist made his diagnosis, fortunately did not cause illness without the need for intervention. But in order to his teeth well, I was still listening to the doctor’s choice to wash his teeth, and do pit and fissure closure. I have to go to the dentist regularly to take care the teeth under the habit of checking, because a good teeth can give children bring more convenience and confidence, smile. I know, in Europe and the United States, many people have a dentist and fixed habits, but the domestic, this habit is not formed. Some people may say that there is no longer a long time it does not matter, and so on with the correction on the line. There are many people who do not actually use the correct device, do not know how to wear braces for nearly 2 years will be a painful thing. Of course, there are a lot of attention to the importance of the mother of the teeth, often in my WeChat public message, ask me about the baby teeth thing. However, due to my personal care for baby teeth health care is not comprehensive enough, so I write less. I have the honor to invite me and his dentist today, Xinhua Hospital Shanghai famous pediatric hospital, is a professional high-end Arrail dental clinic – Dr. Zhu Huifang and share secret baby teeth teeth and nursing methods. The development of deciduous teeth is an indicator of skeletal maturity in baby baby teeth adorable speed and time, can reflect a situation of infant growth and nutritional quality. Some people say that the teeth is a sign of children’s health, this sentence is justified. But the adorable baby teeth sooner or later, and the baby’s physique, nutrition, gender, area and other factors have a certain relationship, often manifested as individual differences, began to 4 months early, late to be 10 months, most babies in general 6-7 months to start teething tooth adorable. Some parents may feel, teeth will always fall, so now the teeth grow not too much, as long as the attention to the permanent teeth on the line. Here I want to say, please do not ignore the teeth grow, because the teeth will be a matter of permanent teeth after the future. So I’ll focus on a note of deciduous teeth adorable and the usual nursing method. The timing and sequence of adorable baby teeth in mandibular incisor: 1 to 6 months; 7 and a half 2 maxillary lateral incisor: mandibular 7 months; 9 months of maxillary first molars, 3 mandibular 12 months; 14 months of the 4 maxillary canines: mandibular 16 months; 18 months 5 maxillary second molars. The lower 20 months; 2 year old maxillary of course, this is not to say that parents do not echo what the books say immutable and frozen. Some children will be the emergence of individual teeth eruption Shun相关的主题文章:

National Reading star should not be absent to bear the wind of task – Culture –

National Reading star should not be absent   to bear the wind of "task – Culture – original title: National Reading star should not be absent to bear the" rampant human "responsibility" Runtu "instead of" inner earth "," depressed "read" and "funeral", students become "" Cincinnati students"…… Some film stars and public figures in public often outspoken, not uncommon, but recently the "little reading" is becoming a new excuse for some "Star" of the tongue. Some young actor, known as "Yan value play, but as" reading less ", and often read screen pronunciation; micro-blog in terms of crude, typo talk. Individual stars simply directly by face to eat, not only the usual amount of reading is low, even the script is not read, will only come in front of the camera, the number "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the audience was despised" miss digital"…… National reading has been written for three consecutive years, the government work report, but the above phenomenon shows that some actors, celebrities and other public figures, absent the national reading situation, still can not be ignored. Some public figures, less reading, do not read the problem, there is no change. Whether or not Kebanchushen, when actor, to some extent, shouldering the responsibility of spreading popular culture. Movies, television dramas, variety shows, drama is a cultural communication platform, and the actors involved in the public figure, a slip of the tongue will often lead to negative effects, or laughable, or mislead the public, not only harm the personal image, it undermines the seriousness of cultural inheritance. The age of the Internet, but also to bear the responsibility of "the literary and art workers with people, even humorous, also have knowledge of depth, high points. There is no basic literacy, then cool special effects, fashion makeup, cultural expression can not cover up the hollow. Facts have proved that those who are satisfied with the reading less, less reading, the star, in fact, not far away in the career, not good. In recent years, the exposure of jurisprudence, drug-related literary people in prison have got It is often seen., "regret reading less, not ignorance, ignorance of the law", "talent began to re study literacy". The stars and public figures not to "read less" and other reasons as an excuse, in public "outspoken". After all, to improve the quality of personal culture, knowledge, dissemination of culture, in themselves, Yu Ren, in the whole society, have a positive meaning. (reporter Xu Xiaoqing Guo Jingdan) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章:

Li Sheng on Gold oil prices first see more than 49.2, gold is still changing the shock-e3300

Li Sheng on Gold: oil prices first see more than 49.2, gold is still changing the shock We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Li Sheng on the first 49.2: the price of gold, gold still don’t change concussion morning, exotic day is always bright so early, it is the time difference, as it is three hours of overtime, and said his country is a sightseeing tour, feel the flavor, as it is not about static in disguise the heart. No matter where, I always used to come up with mobile phone, look at the market, a free open computer, every voice is disturbed, ask like trust and help, soon to say goodbye to the blue sky and white clouds, still love to revel in their own corner of the city busy rush wave…… In accordance with the formula, it has destroyed the mood on Thursday, the gold market is not as most people expected, since the 1274 fell again before the continuation of the depth of the fall, a bigger cliff broken bits, let the bears swept the audience, the disc plate rebound, continue, so that the original into a weak shock. The rising of the disc, the disc before the withdrawal should be a Youkong 1267 rise to 1273, the callback is not surprising, this is the most perfect formula of high breaking interpretation. However, do not feel good times don’t last long, U.S. high breaking strength, 1273 will usher in a single negative decline in prices, eventually returned to the bottom of the 1267 to 1264.5 place, the K-line retracement, especially in the United States before the 1267 position of the broken bits, already let the continuity rise thoroughly finished, two counter 1270 near my choice will be part of the guaranteed positions before the U.S. disc more not to go, but the disk before the Asia Europe plate rise no breakthrough is the Bo do not agree with the formula, formulas, but this increase was slightly broken greediest mood! Gold price pupil surrounded by large, the three week time frame for the shock, flies, distance payrolls data released now for three weeks and three weeks, the fluctuations in the price of gold in almost 10 dollars for a framework of volatility, so that every day. Stand and interaction of the operation, the price fluctuation and the space is no breakthrough has been suppressed by high or low support, until now did not see some signs to powei. This time the trend of gold is somewhat complicated or weak, but some do not ache not to itch data affects the small fluctuations in gold, everyone has been thinking about the U.S. presidential election at the end of the year and raise interest rates, even if the number and frequency of the talk is not high, but its importance has not diminished. December interest rate hike seems to be very high probability of recognition, the fundamentals will also fluctuate around the price of gold, this time the shock is estimated in the near future will be completely subversive. Gentleman, is nothing more than patience for the wolf!, gentleman, patience is nothing more than a wolf, this one estimate is not strange, this is a kind of feeling or perceived waiting with different transactions, so on相关的主题文章:

So adorable you really willing to eat – Sohu to eat and drink-dingxiangwuyuetian

So adorable you really willing to eat? Sohu eating and drinking tired of the cafeteria, take away? It will bring their own food, afraid of their own lunch Nabuchushou? Don’t worry, the girl chowhound teach you face — pig luncheon meat lunch ~ as long as a few simple steps, let you easily attract the audience. Let’s learn to let them envy! The origin of the rise of the position of convenience: the earliest in the Southern Song Dynasty, the phrase "Bento" means "convenient things, convenient, smooth". After entering Japan as "road" and "discrimination" and "discrimination when" token. "Easy" the word is derived from the incoming China later Anti Japanese ". When" (Music: Bentou). Now more has been simplified into Bento, used in most areas, known as the "lunch", namely boxed meals. But in the Taiwan area is commonly called lunch, usually for lunch, take out, work meals and other occasions. Preparation and 3 pieces of 1 pieces of seaweed 400g Steamed Rice luncheon meat 1 slices of ham and the amount of oil 1 pasta needed for canned luncheon meat fresh-keeping film embossing tool empty (or scissors tweezers) concrete steps to cut 3 pieces of luncheon meat pot heat oil, fry until golden on both sides of the luncheon meat. The empty luncheon meat can be covered with plastic wrap, rice (three points), compaction. Take the fried rice and vegetable roll out, lunch meat in rice and vegetable roll. Cut a seaweed with around a circle, luncheon meat, rice and vegetable roll. With the embossing device (or scissors) out of pig eyes, nose. With a ham cut out 6 small oval, the 2 as the pig’s ear, the other 4, as shown in the figure cut out an inverted "V", do pig feet. As shown in the assembly, with the Italian side of the pig to fix the two ears and the following two feet, into the lunch box can be. Hand in hand, watching videos is not received from the envy of the ~ ~ ~ from all sides. The video, Namiko Chen studio delicacy相关的主题文章: