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Peng Jincheng: evening spot gold, crude oil operations and analysis of the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Monday (September 19th) after the international spot gold edged highs covering the gap in slow rise pattern, the highest hit 1318 near the office. The Monday market light trading, the price of gold daily closing Yang, temporarily alleviate the downward trend in recent. With the Fed’s September meeting on interest rates into the countdown, the price of gold in the Fed’s interest rate hike in September is more responsive. At present, the market almost all say the same thing to believe the Fed will halt the troops and wait, we all know that the Fed interest rate policy is nothing heavy good news for the gold price, but from the recent price trend, interest rate hike in September basically hopeless situation, the price of gold still continued pressure, once close to three thousand mark, it is suggested that the actual situation more complex. In fact, Peng Jincheng believes that despite the basic interest rate hike in September hopeless, but the attitude of the Fed officials is still the market can not be ignored, especially for the subsequent increase in interest rates rhythm. The Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen at the meeting will be held a press conference after the announcement of the results, from the previous Yellen Tai Chi style speech, Peng Jincheng Yellen is expected that Tai Chi will once again show up, she will be the United States or economic unlimitedly, and stressed that the deferred interest rate hike is to choose a better time, and each subsequent meetings are there will be likely to raise interest rates. Especially in the case of the probability of interest rate hike in December, Yellen may be expected to confirm. Only in this way, the Fed can rely on hawkish remarks to defend the dollar. For the price of gold, if Yellen at a press conference may be at any time to raise interest rates, the Fed officials want to raise interest rates in December, then this is equivalent to the interest rate is not good enough to break the positive factors. Therefore, Peng Jincheng reminded investors, even if the Fed announced interest rate hike, but still need to pay attention to officials of speech, because of the strong hawkish remarks are likely to make gold in the interest rate increase after the pullback appears high down. This week, in addition to the market announced the Fed rate decision to wait, also need to pay attention to the Japanese central bank interest rate decision announced Wednesday, and Japan’s central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko held a press conference, it is also an important factor affecting the gold price trend. Currently, the market is still expected to loose on the day of the central bank, but it still has differences for further easing. If the Bank of Japan on Wednesday in order to boost the economy and the choice of the implementation of more massive monetary stimulus, the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged, then the Bank of Japan may take away all the limelight and fed chairman Yellen. International spot gold Daily yesterday received a small candle, ending a downward trend, but with the shadow on the trend tells us is currently above resistance is still relatively strong. From a technical point of view form, weak after dropping can be stabilized, itself is a good phenomenon, short cycle index turned upward, today bullish daily maintenance. 4 hours, the price stabilized to run above the short-term moving average, coupled with the short-term cycle of the uplink indicators, after the resumption of the sun yesterday will be part of the strong trend of extension相关的主题文章: