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Travel-and-Leisure Every year many people take the pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah, the Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. All Muslims follow the 5 pillars of Islam and so every able bodied Muslim should take the opportunity to make the Hajj at least one in their lifetime if not more. If you have taken Hajj before you will understand just how much planning goes into ensuring that your pilgrimage runs smoothly and so having a .pany who can do all the planning for you gives you the time required to prepare for your Hajj. If you are thinking of taking the 2011 Hajj and are unsure about all the planning needed to make your Hajj a successful trip then give yourself peace of mind and make things easier for yourself by booking through a travel .pany who specialise in the Hajj such as Haj and Umra Travel Ltd. They offer all inclusive packages for the Hajj making your trip truly special and stress free. They can cater for the needs of individual travellers and the needs of dedicated Hajj groups Haj and Umra travel Ltd. will provide all the necessary bookings and itineraries needed to make your Hajj a successful trip. They will organise spiritual leaders for your trip who are very knowledgeable and all members of staff are available when needed. There is a wide choice of hotels available for your Hajj or Umrah from the Medinah Hilton to the Makkah Hilton. All hotel rooms on your Umrah are air conditioned and .e with an ensuite bathroom plus a mini fridge and a television. During the Hajj you will be provided with mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows in Mina. You will be transferred in air conditioned coaches for the ultimate .fort on both Umrah and Hajj, Haj and Umra Travel Ltd. will carry out your Visa application before you leave on your trip which is included in the cost. The Hajj or Umrah is an opportunity to meet with many different Muslims from different backgrounds and chat about your similar interests making it a chance to make new friends. Haj and Umra Travel Ltd. are a .pany within the UK who offer the service of an all inclusive Hajj giving many Muslims within the UK the opportunity to plan their Hajj with a specialist .pany. Not only do they offer an all inclusive Hajj they also offer an all inclusive Umrah so you can have the opportunity to visit Makkah if you are unable to afford to do the Hajj but Umrah is an additional pilgrimage and you should also ensure you carry out Hajj in your lifetime. Umrah is sometimes known as the minor pilgrimage and the Hajj is known as the major pilgrimage. You can .bine your Umrah with flights to Pakistan, India, Iran, The Far East and many more destinations if you wish to extend your holiday and maybe visit relatives who do not live within the UK. Haj and Umra Travel Ltd. are offering Ziyarat which can be taken as a visit on its own as well as being included in Hajj and Umrah. Your Hajj, Umrah or Ziyarat will be an enlightening and inspiring experience. Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat are full of fulfilling experiences which every Muslim should try and experience in their life and at the very least you should experience the Hajj once because it is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, you will benefit from Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat. If you wish to make the Hajj this year then you can book with Haj and Umra Travel Ltd. today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: