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PPP stocks full scan: Long Yuan construction led the 9 most sought after sina finance company brokerage App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million source: surging news Author: Liu Xinyu September 6th, PPP stocks collective outbreak, led the market to attack the 3100 point mark. Department of financial environment (300152), Weiming environmental (603568), (300355), Mongolian grass ecological water conservancy of Anhui (600502) trading, Baan water (300262), HUD ecological (300197), wanbangda (300055) and other stocks rose more than 5%. PPP stocks rose, the number of research reports from the broker can be seen. According to incomplete statistics, since August, the domestic brokerage issued a total of hundreds of research reports related to the concept of PPP, reflecting the lack of shock in the hot city pattern, PPP hot market. What is PPP? The full name of PPP is Public-Private Partnership, a government and social capital cooperation, this mode with the government to encourage private capital to expand cooperation in infrastructure and other projects, is the direction of reform in the current state of financial investment. December 2014, the Ministry of Finance announced the first batch of 30 PPP demonstration projects, with a total investment of about $180 billion. September 2015, the Ministry of finance to determine the second batch of the list of 206 projects with a total investment of $658 billion 900 million. At the end of July 2016, the national development and Reform Commission publicly launched in the two batch of PPP projects, 619 projects have been signed, the total investment reached 1 trillion and 1 billion 910 million yuan. At present, the Ministry of Finance jointly launched the third batch of PPP ministries demonstration project has been completed. According to the Ministry of Finance website, received a total of around 1070 to declare the project, plans a total investment of about 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, the specific list will be announced in the near future. Government to promote the face of PPP can spare no effort. In August 30th, the NDRC issued a "notice" to the government and social capital cooperation in traditional areas of infrastructure, proposed to build a diversified PPP exit mechanism, to encourage greater capital investment project, reduce government spending pressures during project operation, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises to encourage the participation of different types of PPP project by way of joint body etc.. Strong performance of the stock market, according to Wind data show that the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities, at least 78 listed companies have announced that the participation in PPP projects. Announcement of the largest dragon Yuan Construction (600491), the Yangtze River Delta region is the size of the private construction enterprises. According to the company announcement, recently a year long yuan construction in the country and more successful PPP projects, such as the Jinjiang International Exhibition Center PPP project, the scale of 971 million yuan, and Quanzhou City shantytowns PPP construction projects, a total investment of 3 billion 973 million yuan. China Merchants Securities analyst Wang Zhen introduction, has announced the investment of PPP project investment as high as 1相关的主题文章: