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Professionals: the bond market is expected to long-term exposure to the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Washington (reporter Sun Huiping) this year, due to the continued decline in bond yields, bond prices hit record highs. In the case of fluctuations in the global economy, the bond market in the fourth quarter by the market attention. Held in Shanghai in September 9th the four quarter of 2016 asset allocation, risk and investment strategy ", the board of directors, general manager Yao asset investment transactions director Wang Yingfeng said that in the future fiscal stimulus impact force and other factors, the bond market is expected to improve long-term. Wang Yingfeng said, bond futures to institutional investors in fixed income and financial business is of great significance, has greatly enriched the asset management institutions investment strategy, in the use of treasury bond futures, there are a lot of space operation mechanism. According to the current categories of financial assets rotation speed and other hot issues, quantitative asset Yao investment department director Yang Jian said that in the context of global liquidity, financial asset returns will be low for a long time, the risk of financial assets oscillation will become the main tone of the market, "in such a market environment, absolute income in order to quantify the product strategy as the core will have a good performance, but in the same strategy of product competition, quality is the key to risk control". Disclaimer: this network all content, where the source: "futures daily" all text, images and audio and video data, copyright is the futures daily all, any media, websites or personal authorization shall not be reproduced, links, posting or otherwise copy issued issued without the network protocol. The agreement authorized by the media, web site, download the use must be marked " source: " futures daily, the net; offenders will be prosecuted according to law. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: