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Provident fund loans six errors 90% of the people had made a mistake with the financial Sohu around the policy of continuous improvement, the provident fund loans, extraction services towards more conducive to employees in the direction of development, the use of provident fund is convenient, but a lot of friends in the provident fund loans, to do the extraction will fall into some errors, such as the "provident fund account balance to pay the first payment and renovation of housing fund can be extracted, then summarizes several users most of the problems to be analyzed. Net friend Lily: boyfriend and want to use the provident fund loans to buy a house, I do not know the couple can not be married to apply for provident fund? 360 financial analysis: this problem is proposed by Lily, the confusion of the nature of the use of provident fund loans, provident fund loans are loans to the family unit, spouses, parents and children can participate in together with the main credit loans. However, the relationship between men and women friends can not handle the loan procedures, if a person is not enough, you can consider applying for a loan portfolio, but may apply for some time on the president. 2 of the provident fund account balance to pay the first payment — missing the provident fund extraction rules: mushroom head users want to buy loans for many years, their limited savings, have to rely on parents’ support, because for many years the provident fund account, there should be a lot of money, I want to be able to pay for the extraction of housing provident fund loans for the first payment? 360 financial analysis: presumably a lot of people have the same idea with the mushroom head, the housing provident fund is the purchase of welfare workers, deserved to pay Shoufu, in fact this is a misunderstanding, the purchase only in housing loans, provide relevant invoices, property certificate can apply for provident fund, but not directly paid for pay shoufu. 3 renovation of housing fund can be extracted — to use provident fund extraction don’t understand friends Robne: two years ago to buy a house to some old, want to decorate, with thousands of monthly provident fund, usually do not need, now can apply for extraction for decoration? 360 financial analysis: housing provident fund only for employees to purchase (including second-hand housing), construction, rehabilitation, overhaul (maintenance costs exceed the cost of housing more than 30%) occupied housing can be extracted, and the decoration is not specified in the extraction range, so we can not extract the provident fund for decoration. It is worth mentioning that, although the fund can not be extracted from the decoration of the house, but can apply for housing provident fund renovation loans, what does it mean? Some banks launched the "provident fund loans decoration", require the borrower to a certain period of continuous deposit fund, monthly deposit amount reaches a certain amount, you can submit to the bank provident fund deposit certificate to prove their economic capacity, so as to obtain loans decoration, this is a form of credit. Minsheng Bank (600016, shares) "male loan for example, more than 1 years of continuous deposit fund, personal monthly deposit amount of good credit in more than 500, you can apply for provident fund personal credit loans, these loans can be used for decoration purposes, and does not require the mortgage and loan interest rates are relatively low, is an affordable loan options. It should be noted that not all banks have "provident fund renovation loans", plus local public"相关的主题文章: