Putin and President of Turkey on the phone agreed to meet during the G20 – Sohu Military Channel y580

With Turkey’s president Putin agreed to meet on the phone – in G20 Sohu during the military channel of Xinhua news agency in Moscow in August 26, the Moscow Kremlin website 26 news release said that Turkey should request, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey President Vladimir Erdogan on the phone, the two sides agreed to continue to maintain personal contact in bilateral and international affairs. According to the Russian presidential news agency revealed that the two heads of state also discussed on the basis of the agreement reached during the meeting in St Petersburg to further develop bilateral cooperation in the field of politics, economy and trade. In addition, Turkey sources said the two sides agreed to meet during the G20 summit in Hangzhou, and agreed to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syria region of Aleppo. El has also introduced Putin to Turkey in the northern part of Syria’s action, stressed the importance of bilateral cooperation to combat extremist organization Islamic state and other terrorist organizations. El’s August 9th and Putin met in St Petersburg, the first meeting since November last year, Russian warplanes soil by leaders of the two countries, the two sides agreed to repair relations between the two countries.相关的主题文章: