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PWC: China’s listed banks at the end of the bad debt ratio or climb to 2% Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Correspondent Zhu Lina Hongkong reported in the context of sustained economic adjustment and interest rates down, the Chinese Listed Banks in the face of declining profits, asset risk pressures. In the first half of this year, different types of bank interest income showed a downward trend, while non interest income, including fee income recorded a modest increase. We expect the future of large banks will be a new figure of the new normal." Liang Guowei, head of PWC’s China Financial Services Division, said in a press conference on September 21st. Because of interest bearing assets yields fell sharply, leading to the bank’s net interest margin and net interest margin has narrowed. PWC released analysis shows that in the first half of 30 Chinese A shares and H shares listed banks net profit totaled $774 billion 452 million, an increase of 4.6%. Among them, the workers and peasants in the establishment of diplomatic relations between the five largest state-owned banks increased by only 3.11%. In contrast, 13 city firms due to a smaller base, still maintained a profit growth of about 18%. Therefore, all kinds of listed banks need to open up new profit growth point, which is expected to become one of the biggest highlights of green bonds. "China issued nearly 120 billion yuan RMB green bonds this year, become the world’s largest market, the banking industry will be expected to further growth opportunities in this area, including the development of green credit and green insurance, stock index related products, carbon finance and other financial instruments." Liang Guowei said. Last July, Xinjiang Goldwind issued green bonds Chinese first enterprise. At the end of April this year, the central bank research bureau chief economist Ma Jun Chinese in 2016 China Green Financial Forum said that the first quarter of this year, the green bond issuance Chinese has reached 53 billion yuan, close to half of the global circulation. The non-performing loan ratio rose to 2% in the first half of Chinese or "banking non-performing loan ratio, interest loans and overdue loans are growing trend, so the rate of non-performing loans is not the top, not all exposed. In fact, the first half of the bad loans written off more than 100 billion yuan. If the second half did not cancel or deal with a large scale, the NPL ratio is likely to continue to climb to 2%." Liang Guowei admits. According to the statistics of PWC shows, at the end of June this year, has disclosed the total non-performing loans of 29 listed banks non-performing loans of up to 1 trillion and 130 billion yuan, up 10.06% over last year. NPL ratio increased from 0.04% at the end of last year to $1.66%. Among them, the five major state-owned banks non-performing loan ratio reached 1.73%, an increase of 0.03%, compared to joint-stock banks, city firms, agricultural firms, non-performing loans ratio was the same period of the previous year, respectively, 1.61%, 1.06%. "Although the first half of the listed banks has taken a variety of ways to strengthen the collection and disposal efforts to make bad loans on相关的主题文章: