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[Qibao kitchen] egg pancake – Sohu and bought a non stick pan to make butter Melaleuca, the morning readily used made egg pancake, also very easy to use. Ingredients: olive oil, egg, flour, sesame, green onion, tomato sauce; flour and water, slightly more salt, with electric hand-held whisk, because of easy fast whisk, if the manual, easy to form small flour. The bottom of the pot with a thin layer of olive oil, gently heated after turning into the flour paste, non stick pan, the batter evenly spread out; when the flour dry up, knock into a whole egg; egg broken pot with spoon, spread the egg random uniform Bo Tu Mo in the face, to be dry when when will Egg cakes inside out; sprinkle with chopped green onion, sesame; sprinkle with tomato sauce. A thin egg cake is done, very simple, very delicious, usually in the face wrapped in a Bacon, today just did not, eat up the cake. Micro-blog Sina @ Tim hi lucklily WeChat public number: Tim hi lucklily相关的主题文章: