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Rainy days the most suitable for "goods"? The man carrying 31 bags of drugs seized – Beijing, Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Guo Yipeng Zhang Chengliu) this year on the Internet novel adaptation of the TV series "more than" the crime of hit, while drug lord Fu Guosheng had said such a sentence profound words: a rainy day is most suitable for shipment (drugs). May be inspired by the TV, Wu man ready to take advantage of the torrential rains in Nanjing take a batch of goods, but did not think in Nanjing even high-speed high-speed traffic police brigade seven to get together with the evidence. October 30th morning, high-speed traffic police brigade seven horsepower, Xia Bing and his colleagues station on duty, in Ning Lian Expressway mainline toll at 1:50 in the morning, a su J licence car slowly into the inspection area, so the traffic police to intercept verification personnel as usual. Sitting in the back seat of a male passenger in the face of the traffic police verification is very impatient, loud noise refused to cooperate with the police in the insistence, he was reluctant to come up with identity cards. After entering the ID number, I saw the device immediately showed the drug addicts, drug traffickers and other words. When the police asked the man surnamed Wu to the checkpoint for further verification, there has been a dramatic scene: just excitedly jumping Wu suddenly bent down and said their ability to walk, in the police’s urging, he was limping slowly to mobile checkpoints ". The police put on the Wu Wu in his own urine, just finished Restroom and no urine refused. When the traffic police on the car of two drivers (actually the driver drops) is obtained when interviewed, Wu in the past two hours did not get off to Restroom. After 20 minutes of persistence, see Wu could not escape inspection, had a urine test. The urine test results as positive for methamphetamine, but Wu refused to admit drug facts. At the same time, the traffic police in Wu’s wallet and pocket pocket pocket 31 bags of drugs (a total of 21.96 grams) and drug tools. In fact, Wu still refuses to admit that he is being framed to others, even argue that was searched belongings police framed, I will go to the judicial appeal. Eventually, Wu was transferred to the district police station for further processing. Currently, Wu was arrested on suspicion of drug use, illegal possession of drugs, Pukou Public Security Bureau administrative, criminal detention, has been sent to Pukou detention center detention.相关的主题文章: