Residential building to build the hospital health department is not banned – Beijing incubus

Residential building to build the hospital health department is not banned – Beijing that area to set up a hospital, Ji’nan Feng Jing Jian Zhu small owners are anxious, "the size of the hospital is not small, we are worried that after the opening, health and safety of our living environment can not guarantee." In this regard, Ji’nan city health departments said: the hospital has not yet been approved, but also without the qualification in medical institutions, but due to the current in the renovation phase, there is no illegal facts of illegal practice, and can not be banned in accordance with the law. Owners reflect: the district to build hospitals, health and safety is difficult to protect Lee is the city of Jianshe Road in the vicinity of the king Kam Kam District building owners, in 2008 in the district. A month ago, it became a piece of his heart. Mr. Lee said the District Building 4 front suspension XX Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to be set up banners, banners saying "to open a hospital of traditional Chinese medicine." "Here to build a hospital, how to protect our living environment?" Not only Mr. Lee worried that hundreds of residents are also worried about the area, if it is a comprehensive hospital, 24 hours of business, including pediatrics, gynecology, medical imaging, etc.. In this case, medical waste, waste water, waste gas and radioactive elements are not a little!" Lee said that the shops and residential buildings are shared, medical waste, if not handled carefully, will certainly endanger the health of residents." In addition, Mr. Li said, the peak of Kam building closed area, only one access, "the hospital in the district also opened a door, a large number of patients out of the cell, it is easy to cause cross infection, who is responsible for the safety of tenants?"" After the opening of the hospital, how to solve the problem of parking vehicles. "It is said that they have to rent residential underground parking spaces, but parking is limited, parking fees are also the owners of public resources equally, this is not the owner occupied?" Mr. Lee and other owners say. Let the owners are angry that the hospital in order to facilitate access to ambulances, unauthorized transformation of underground parking spaces. "They (the hospital) of the underground garage walls smashed through, they opened a door, convenient shuttle hospital. But this is the load-bearing wall, which also has 20 multi-storey residents!" Owner representative Zhang said. In addition to the concerns of the community environment and security, the construction of the owners of the building owners also have objections. We do not know in advance, never seen any publicity to build a hospital, the owners committee has never received notice." Reporter: the hospital rented three floors, building decoration was completed in 24 days, the reporters came to the peak in residential building. The upcoming opening of the hospital is located at the southeast corner of a high-rise residential building. The building a total of 26 layers, below the level of three shops area, up to residential buildings. From the scene, the size of the hospital is not small, rented three shops, with a total area of about one thousand or two thousand square meters. The hospital is about to start, the banner has long been missing, the construction site is not hanging any posted on the hospital related logo publicity. "We are only responsible for the decoration work, heard to open a hospital." Renovation workers said building renovation work has been basically completed, ongoing finishing work).相关的主题文章: