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UnCategorized Does Rock climbing thrill you? It is one of the most intense and adventurous sports. As a beginner you need to understand the basic techniques of rock climbing. The usual understanding about rock climbing is that you need lot of strength to start with, but this is not so. Rock climbing is all about moving decisively on a chosen path without losing control. Instead of thrashing and scrambling, you have to concentrate on reaching your goal. Ensure that you are physically fit: If you are planning to take up rock climbing, you have to make sure that you are physically fit even before looking at any mountain. This is the basic requirement, as the more fit you are the safer your climb will be. Choose the right gear that prevents you from getting injured: It is safe to go for a 5.11 tactical gear as it is re.mended by most of the expert climbers. Tactical gear is very easy to use as well as durable. Ensure that you always wear a high quality multi-purpose belt to be on the safer side. Being careful is the right way to avoid injuries: Though injuries take place very rarely, it is always advised to be more careful. Injuries are mostly due to carelessness and overexertion. Caution is the best option to prevent injuries while rock climbing. Stretching is the best exercise re.mended for beginners. Start with a warm up to loosen up muscles and continue with the stretching exercises. This can be done simply by squeezing a tennis ball or using rubber bands to strengthen the hands and fingers. Even if you buy the prescribed gear for yourself, you have to keep checking the equipment regularly to prevent accidents. For example, check if the knots are loose or the equipment is worn out anywhere. As a beginner go for easier routes: This is an easy way to practice without getting tired. While climbing, you should stay close to the wall for an easier climb. Straighten your arms and lean back when you are resting. Climbing is easier if you put more weight on your legs instead of your arms. Avoid dangling by your hands and use one foot at a time. There is no planned technique as such, but doing something that you are .fortable with is the best technique. It is not necessary that what works for others may be the best for you. You need to learn from your own experience. Choose plastic boots instead of leather: Plastic boots are always better than leather boots. Plastic boots are warmer than the leather boots. They also prevent you from frostbites. Select a .fortable size. Types of climbing: In traditional climbing you need to identify the routes and place your own safety gear. When you are climbing you can use .binations of stoppers, cams, hexes and pistons to protect yourself. Usually bouldering involves climbing free standing boulders and ropes are not used in this process. Always be careful when you are climbing down and keep an eye on the durability of your equipment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: