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Roll core is not thrown out? The Mid Autumn Festival holiday N a get! – the mother and the Sohu used up the volume of paper, the rest of the paper roll is not directly thrown away? In fact, there are many magical rolls of paper core! 1 small plants planted in pots to roll paper core filled with some cultivated soil, and then put in a plastic box or with a rope tied, simple planting pot is done. 2 decorative wreaths will roll core cut short bend into oval shape, then color, with tape or glue are pasted on the wall made of decorative wreaths. 3 small calendar rolls of paper core affixed to write a digital disk in each round, with wood and glue them fixed, hanging on the wall is a kind of art. 4 roll paper core three-dimensional painting in the roll paper core put the various types of three-dimensional paper cutting, the roll paper core has the level of the stack, three-dimensional painting out. 5 6 7 heart-shaped stickers ornament art pen will do a roll of paper core taped together, put a board glued on the pen can be well placed classification. The 8 data line containing the data line rolled into the barrel roll paper core, and then write the data classification, the line will not throw the 00 spread everywhere. 9 collection of toys to collect a number of paper roll core, lined up to stick to the baby’s small toys. 10 small crown with a pair of scissors to cut the paper into the top of the picture, like their favorite color, plus some small adorn article, the birth of a small crown. 11 small telescope with glue the two roll paper core stick together, and then string string good, a pair of small telescope to do it, to the baby used as toys. 12 do dolls with children with DIY, with scissors cut into their favorite roll paper doll, you can also exercise the child’s ability to do oh. After the home and then run out of paper roll, roll paper core do not throw away! END· ·.相关的主题文章: