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[Russia] first silk line media capital of Xi’an – International – people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Xi’an Xinhua (Chen Si) composed of Russian mainstream media reporters of the Silk Road between China and Russia "14 media journalists came to the first stop of the ancient capital of Shaanxi city of Xi’an Province, visit the historic and modern city of harmony. Reporters learned that the majority of Russian members are first came to Xi’an, some Chinese members are not familiar with the city. In order to close to the perception of the charm of Xi’an, China and Russia first interview reporter visited the ancient city wall, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Hui Street, big wild goose pagoda square music fountain etc.. Bondarenko, a Russian newspaper reporter, in the ancient city wall, listened very carefully to the explanation of the staff, she praised the protection of historical and cultural heritage of, plus the work of the Xi’an. The ancient city wall of Xi’an is China the largest and best preserved ancient city wall, vice governor of Shaanxi province Wang Lixia pointed out, "Xi’an city wall is immovable cultural heritage", is the pride of Xi’an. Talking about the street impression, Russia Today International News Agency reporter Katz Lo Va? Julia said, everything here reminds her of the Spanish Barcelona scene, businesses shouted with laughter in the bustling tourists, but also has the national characteristics. The delegation also went to Xi’an West Ham District, "Changan" international freight trains, such as Xi’an International Studies University, focusing on international trade, cultural exchanges and other issues, to fully tap the Xi’an as "the new starting point of the Silk Road" and the energy. 2016-2017 Sino Russian media exchange year". As an important part of the exchange year, consisting of China international broadcasting station, Xinhua news agency, people.com.cn, Central People’s broadcasting station, Chinese daily and Russia today international news agency, the Russian newspaper and other media reporters "the Silk Road between China and Russia Russia" all media interviews China activities started in Beijing on the 11. Share to: (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: