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Russia said the use of a large number of cheap Chinese to deal with the military the disturbed data figure: China pterosaur UAV Reference News Network reported on February 3rd Russian media said the requirements of the civil aviation authority China, driving weight more than 7 kilograms and flight height more than 120 meters of the UAV operator must hold the relevant license. Qualified pilots will be able to in the production of 3D city map surveying instrument, police equipment and other enterprises, and in some engineering services and the fire department to get a job. Cheap commercial drones and qualified pilots, change in eastern Ukraine war. Shortly after the war, almost every camp has own UAV unit. Small commercial UAV prices low, so no need to take too much risk will be able to complete the task of investigation may be. This tactic has great influence on both sides. For example, sometimes had to quickly transfer cannon, especially to put them in disguise. Although the militia gradually learned how to play the electronic warfare, can greatly reduce the enemy with commercial UAV threats, but also can not completely eliminate the threat. It has tried to put the drone into throwing small bombs with these commercial aircraft, but with little success. Reported that, even if the UAV is relatively simple, can be dual-use. The use of drones for commercial mass production, plus training a large number of qualified pilots (China has no mechanism is the world’s largest manufacturing country, it is at any time) can be called resource. Reported that the extensive use of cheap drones, has caused Americans uneasy. Americans from the test group was informed without man-machine, by dozens of cheap drones composed of cluster, the modern warship air defense system against the possibility of a large, but also in cluster all UAVs may be less than the total cost of an anti-ship cruise missile. Reported that temporarily can not be said, commercial drone pilots this occupation has the foreground. With the development of artificial intelligence and sensor technology, many types of unmanned aircraft from the opportunity to become a fully automated remote operation of aircraft. They will be able to complete the mission, to avoid conflicts around the obstacle, independently, choose the best line. And they are in the field of military application, only to further expand.

俄称中国欲大量使用一廉价军机对付美舰 令美不安 资料图:中国翼龙无人机  参考消息网2月3日报道 俄媒称,中国民航局要求,驾驶重量超过7公斤以及飞行高度超过120米的无人机操作员必须持有相关驾照。合格“飞行员”将能在生产3D城市地图测绘仪、警用器材等企业中,以及在一些工程服务和消防部门,谋得一份职位。   廉价的商业用无人机以及合格驾驶员的出现,改变了乌克兰东部的战局。开战后不久,几乎每个营都有了自己的无人机分队。  小型商业用无人机价格的低廉,使无需冒太大风险就能完成侦查任务成为可能。这对双方战术影响极大。例如,有时不得不以最快的速度转移大炮,尤其是要把它们伪装好。虽然民兵逐渐学会了如何打电子战,可大大降低敌方商业用无人机的威胁,但还不能完全消除这种威胁。还曾试图把这些商业用无人机变成能投掷小型炸弹的战机,但收效甚微。   报道称,即使相对较简单的无人机,也可军民两用。大量生产商业用无人机,再加上培养众多的合格驾驶员(中国已是世界上最大的无人机制造国),这可都是随时可被调用的资源。   报道称,大量使用廉价无人机的情形,已经引起美国人的不安。美国人从对无人机群进行的试验中获知,由数十架廉价无人机组成的机群,战胜现代战舰防空系统的可能性很大,而且机群中的所有无人机的总成本可能小于一枚反舰巡航导弹。   报道称,暂时还不能说,商业用无人机驾驶员这一职业有何前景。随着人工智能和传感器技术的发展,许多类型的无人机会从远程操作的飞机变成完全自动化的飞机。它们将能独立完成飞行任务,避开冲突,绕过障碍,选择最佳线路。而它们在军事领域的应用范围,只能进一步扩大。相关的主题文章: