Russian aircraft carrier battle to avoid the Syria main battlefield has 4 layers of meaning by Trump yo te amo

Russian aircraft carrier battle to avoid the Syria main battlefield has 4 layers of meaning by Trump Sohu Military Channel traveled to the eastern Mediterranean Sea in Russia "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier fleet, has begun to blow to the organization in Syria extremist organization Islamic state and the Syrian opposition armed implementation. At the present stage of the attack, the Russian aircraft carrier formation deliberately avoided the happening of the battle of Aleppo, the bombing of the other regions, this quite profound meaning. The Russian military announced the day before the video display: Russian – 33 aircraft from the aircraft carrier USS Kuznetsov loaded with ammunition off of Syria terrorists bombed targets on the ground. In the attacks, "admiral grigorovich" frigate fired "caliber" cruise missile, the Russian military also used the "bastion" land-based anti-ship missile system. After the formation of Russian aircraft carrier arrived in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea in Syria, the international public opinion began to speculate on how the Russian aircraft carrier formation in Syria and how to fight the problem. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu recently revealed the details of the operation in the report to President Putin. He said that Russia’s first goal is to fight the Islamic state organization and the production of weapons of mass destruction of the opposition Syria factory. Before the war, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier aircraft Su – 33 – 29K and MiG fighters from the carrier frequency off for several days on the Syrian territory ground target detection. Information from the Russian military to see, this is a pre careful preparation of precision strikes, including the target of terrorists ammunition depots, gathering ground and training centers, etc.. Precision strike tactics can avoid excessive civilian casualties caused by large-scale military operations. Russian aircraft carrier formation targets in Syria west of northern and central Idlib and Holmes, Russia’s "view report" reported that in Idlib currently home to a large number of civilians, this is the fight against terrorism in Syria must be an important reason for armed force precision. The implementation of precision strikes, but also the use of Russian military equipment to test the actual needs. Since the fall of last year involved in the war in Syria, Russia has invested a variety of models of weapons systems, strengthen the actual test. Launched by the carrier formation in this campaign, the Russian first combat use of the "bastion" land-based anti-ship missile system. The missile system is supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, using composite guidance, high accuracy, mainly used for surface ships from the sea shore attack range. Syria combat shows that this cruise missile can also be used to combat ground targets. And to participate in combat operations "admiral grigorovich" frigate, is Russia’s new built large frigate, until this year into the Black Sea fleet, equipped with anti-ship, anti submarine and air defense and other modern weapon systems, strong attack. The participation in combat operations, there is clearly the purpose of its combat performance and the use of weapons for the purpose of inspection. Much attention by the international attention of the main battlefield in Aleppo, Syria has not been included in the scope of the Russian aircraft carrier formation. Analysts pointed out that the current large-scale combat against Aleppo does not meet the interests of Russia, as a result of large-scale attacks that may lead to.相关的主题文章: