Samsung said there are currently 1 million people with a secure note 7 misao

Samsung said there are currently 1 million people on a secure Note source of the World Wide Web [global technology Roundup] Samsung explosion door can be said to come to an end for the time being. With the advance of the recall, more and more new version of Galaxy Note7 has been sent to the hands of customers. Samsung announced that currently there are 1 million people with a facelift safety battery Note7. In addition, the United States, South Korea, the two major markets, Note7 is the fastest rate of change, the proportion has more than 60%. But the need to recall a total of 2 million 500 thousand Note7, which is still 60% hidden safety problems in Note7 "wandering". And even the new Note7, nor is there no worries one hundred percent. Some netizens said, get a new Note7 in less than 24 hours on fire; there are many users complained that the new charging will power down, or become unable to use hot. In view of the current situation, more and more regions and countries Note7 sales will resume. The latest news, October 1st re appeared in the Korean market, in October 28th re landed in europe.相关的主题文章: