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Samsung washing machine and then exposed the incident has not yet been involved in the recall of the safety door of the Chinese market Note7 mobile phone recall has not yet subsided, Samsung’s washing machine and then exposed the security door event. Samsung Electronics and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on November 4th announced that Samsung Corp will recall 2 million 800 thousand units in the United States may have a security risk of washing machines. The recall has not been involved in the Chinese market. First Financial Daily reporters on the possible impact of the recall of the company’s e-mail contact Samsung market and sales director Andy Luk. As of press time reporter has not yet received a response. Recall does not involve the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission China said, will cover and body accident from the process of using top loading washing machine in the production of Samsung Corp since 2011, causing parts flying, pose a risk of shock damage". CPSC chairman Elliot Kaye said: "to remind consumers in the washing machine when the high-speed rotation of the top will automatically fall off, harm to people, the best way to protect yourself is to send immediately to the Samsung store washing machine." The recall involves the sale of 34 models in the past 5 years, cover type washing machine. Up to now, Samsung Corp has received 733 complaints, of which 9 were injured. In November 6th, Samsung Electronics (China) official said in a statement, learned for the pulsator washing machine North America’s market to take the initiative to recall a thing outside North America area washing machine products sold are not affected by this incident, this type of washing machine are not sold in the market Chinese. Senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America Inc. John? Hering (John Herrington) said that the Dayton Samsung will cooperate with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as soon as possible to inform the relevant consumer recall, ensure that the impact on the customer due to the lowest level. According to the Samsung Corp’s recall plan, consumers can choose to change the parts of the technical staff to buy, or buy a new Samsung washing machine to enjoy the appropriate discount. Court documents show that Ms. McAllen, from Texas, said the blast was too powerful and the walls of the washing machine’s garage were damaged. In addition, the indictment also mentioned that Samsung Corp was informed of the washing machine after the explosion was trying to collect and destroy all the evidence involved in the washing machine". A recent history of Samsung’s recall occurred in April 2013, when Samsung launched a massive recall in Australia, relates to washing machine 150 thousand Taiwan, product recall is uncovery type washing machine 6 types of production since 2010. But the reason and the time is different, "cover for heating and melting", "top burning and cause internal damage etc.". Although the recall does not involve China market, but a person familiar with the Samsung insiders on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said: "Samsung washing machine about ten years ago in Chinese a thing, but was due to the China recall provisions is not perfect, the recall is not exposed. Samsung’s product quality problem is a long-standing problem, which is determined by Samsung’s cultural genes.相关的主题文章: