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Screen reading VS read paper: blind phase? Original title: –IT– screen reader VS read paper: blind phase? "Investigation report on the status of China users of digital reading (2016)" shows that respondents believe users will replace the traditional digital reading reading, sooner or later, 62.7% of them, holding this view of respondents under the age of 20 the proportion is as high as 82.9%. It can be said that this part of the respondents to a large extent represent the future direction. Then, the paper read screen reading, step down, as they have thought that has been imminent? Digital reading into the trend of American science writer Isaac? Asimov once wrote a piece of science fiction, in May 17, 2155, Ma Qi was a little boy found a grandfather gave him a description of the real book. "The pages were yellow, wrinkled, the words of the book are all silent and motionless, as nothing like they usually see on the screen of the" book ", in order to move. Read the back, and then turn back to look at the front page, just read the words still remain in place." The scene of 2155, that is, what will happen in the next 139 years. However, in the eyes of many people, with the rapid growth of current e-book rattling, between traditional paper books and e-books this "war" will advance a result, digital reading will replace the traditional reading earlier. Today, the fast pace of life and the heavy pressure of survival, so that people generally lack of reading habits and reading atmosphere. Most people don’t have the time and patience, carefully read a thick book, it is a mobile phone, e-book, iPad or contains philosophy, or beautiful writing, or simple short articles more fit the current fragmented reading needs. Han is the founder of WeChat, the public can baby read poetry, he is spotted digital reading "counter attack", was founded from the media products. "More flexible, digital reading content more yuan, more easily interact in recent years occupied the share many of the traditional reading. Although digital reading with short articles and information, if you add up these 00 pieces of text, reading a year down is not small, the national reading has a very important role in promoting." Han Kesheng said. The digital age "readers" more with less. Because most of them have changed posture, bow, fingers kept sliding on the screen; eye tracking is F, the first few rows behind began reading, skimming. A series of data is also can explain this trend: in 2015 China adult national digital reading contact rate continued to rise for 7 consecutive years, reaching 64%; and in 1999, only 3.7% of people use the Internet, the concept of digital reading didn’t even appear. Engaged in legal work in a Real Estate Company of Jin Jing, is one of the digital reading fans. "Intelligent mobile phone function more and more powerful, which makes reading into a can happen whenever and wherever possible, time-saving worry also save money." She said, "once, I bought a few books from the Internet books, rare time to open a look, suddenly feel a little bit small, on the next相关的主题文章: