Shaanxi Beijing Women’s 4 non normal petition claiming to be police jailed for punishment mistakes ricky lee neely

Shaanxi: Beijing Women’s 4 non normal petition claiming to be police jailed for punishment error in the original title: 4 Beijing "visit" Hanbin District woman jailed for two years Chinese daily news (reporter Wang Bin correspondent Chen Yangjie) 2013, the well-being of a woman to the police administrative detention by mistake, Beijing several times to non normal petition, persuaded to return after several more visits by total loss claims 5000 yuan. The day before, Ankang City Hanbin District for the first Beijing "visit" jailed case made a final decision, the woman guilty of affray and sentenced to two years imprisonment, and the illegal proceeds shall be recovered. March 2013, 1963 born in Hanbin District five town woman Zhou Moumou trivia with villagers fighting, is health City Public Security Bureau Hanbin branch on suspicion of assault and sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention, and impose a fine of 200 yuan. After the expiry of the detention, Zhou Moumou Health City Public Security Bureau Hanbin branch of its administrative detention punishment is wrong, several times since August 2013 to, province, city and district petition. From October 2013 to April 2014, Zhou Moumou in Tiananmen, Zhongnanhai and other important areas of non normal petition 4 times, by the public security organs. Hanbin District five town government in liberating people of Zhou Moumou quanfan, Zhou Moumou to spend traveling expenses and accommodation fee to the liberating staff repeatedly demanded the petition losses totaling 5000 yuan. Zhou Moumou also to the well-being of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Hanbin branch of its administrative detention on the grounds of error, in liberating personnel during the petition to the bureau to give oral compensation for economic loss of 350 thousand yuan, the public security bureau did not meet the requirements of hanbin. In November 6, 2014, Zhou Moumou criminal detention by public security organs, in November 20th the same year was Hanbin District Procuratorate approved the arrest. May 2015, Zhou Moumou husband returned 2000 yuan to the town cadres $five. Hanbin District Court after hearing that the citizens should consciously abide by state laws and regulations in the petition process, in accordance with the law, civilized, rational expression demands, and consciously safeguard the public order and the petition order, the defendant Zhou Moumou in violation of the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the petition, many times to the non normal petition of Tiananmen, Zhongnanhai surrounding and other key areas, normal provocation the administration of social order, and many times by the public security organs and the process discipline, do not obey the arrangement with the urge to visit, do not give money not to return to other means by threatening to ask for property, his behavior constituted the crime of affray, then in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "criminal law" in People’s Republic of China made the decision.相关的主题文章: