Shandong, Dezhou promulgated the Regulations on the management of air pollution prevention and contr lightscape

Shandong Dezhou introduced the "Dezhou City air pollution control regulations"   in September 1st the implementation of the rule of Law — original title: Dezhou introduced the "Dezhou City air pollution control regulations" implemented in September 1st July 29, 2016, held in Dezhou "Dezhou City air pollution control regulations" press conference. Reporters at the scene learned that the Dezhou air pollution control regulations in the July 11, 2016 municipal government executive meeting of the fifty-eighth, is hereby promulgated, since September 1, 2016 implementation. This is the first local government regulations in Dezhou after the introduction of local legislation. "Dezhou City air pollution control regulations" on air quality improvement goals throughout the mainline, clearly put forward the ecological priority, combining prevention, comprehensive management, government led, public participation in the five air pollution control principles, and adhere to green development and the whole society of governance concept two. The "Regulations" combined with the actual Dezhou, highlight the local characteristics, general principles, supervision and management, air pollution prevention and control measures, early warning and emergency, legal liability and supplementary provisions 6 chapters 73, showing six bright spots. According to the "Regulations" nine responsibility to protect the environment of new enterprises "environmental protection law", clear the main responsibility for environmental protection sewage units, enterprises should adhere to green low-carbon cycle concept, change the mode of production, the elimination of backward production capacity. Strike out the comprehensive management of coal, dust, motor vehicles, industrial, agricultural and other air pollution, determine the pressure of coal, dust suppression, control of the car, in addition to taste, add green "five measures. Management regulations set up an independent chapter, the development of appropriate management measures, efforts to build heavy pollution weather emergency management system. The establishment of monitoring and forecasting and early warning mechanism for consultation, to deal with heavy pollution weather into the emergency management system, emergency promptly take emergency measures. "Dezhou City air pollution control regulations" promulgated, will further enhance the Dezhou City air pollution prevention and control work of legalization and standardization level, to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, the protection of public health is of great significance to promote the construction of ecological civilization. On the construction of "four bases", build an important ecological function areas south of Beijing and Tianjin, to promote coordinated development, has important significance. (Liu Yue) (Wang Qichen (Intern), commissioning editor: Liu Rong)相关的主题文章: