Shenyang a residential elevator outage ten residents have to climb the building – the Sohu news pay

Shenyang a residential elevator outage ten residents have to climb the floor — Sohu pay New Year’s call news after the elevator outage residents can only climb the stairs – Chinese Morning Post reporter Kang Xiaochan photo Shenyang client in the fifth day of the new year, more than ten residential elevator outage, residents are worried, residents to buy food to cook every day to climb the 18 floor. This kind of thing happened in Lanshan District, Tiexi District, Shenyang. Ten elevator outage three days yesterday, Ms. Wang who lives in Shenyang District of Tiexi city Lanshan District incense domain is very trouble, she said, the Spring Festival was very happy, because the whole lift let oneself mood is not good. Ms. Wang recalled, the fifth day of the new year at around 7, the community suddenly dark, blackout. 2 hours later, residents of the home electric lighting was restored to normal, can park in the street is still not bright, the cable can not be used, the park ten elevator outage. "All together, the elevator stopped and recovered." Ms. Wang said, the neighbors can never thought, this elevator stop is two or three days, yesterday, Ms. Wang to call the property residential property, a staff member said, have to wait a few days. Property: for the construction team to repair 10 pm yesterday, reporters came to the Blue Xiang domain area, the elevator door of each high-rise elevator, are labeled with the same notice, roughly content due to the outside power supply does not cause the elevator, not the normal use of the inconvenience, please understanding. "I live on the 18 floor, before relatives about sixth to my house for dinner, the one carrying fruit climbing stairs, you have to pay attention to how to say my relatives." The district residents said, elevator outage, cable TV is not used, now can only sit at home, can do nothing, the elderly are not to want to go downstairs. Reporters saw a total of 6 buildings within 18 buildings and several multi-storey buildings with elevators, and now the elevator outage, hundreds of households have to climb the floor. The residential property relevant responsible person said, because the elevator outage area within the power supply is a problem, the bad parts need to be repaired or replaced, has found the construction team to repair, will restore power supply as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.

沈阳一小区十余部电梯停运 居民拜年得爬楼-搜狐新闻 电梯停运后居民只能爬楼梯-华商晨报掌中沈阳客户端记者康晓潺摄   大年初五,小区内十余部电梯全部停运,居民很是苦恼,有居民每天爬18楼买菜做饭。   这样的事情发生在沈阳市铁西区香域蓝山小区。   十余部电梯停运三天   昨日,家住沈阳市铁西区香域蓝山小区的王女士很是烦恼,她说,这个春节原本过得很快乐,结果全因为电梯让自己心情都不好了。   王女士回忆,大年初五晚上7点左右,小区突然漆黑一片,停电了。2个小时后,居民家里的照明电总算恢复了正常,可园区内路灯依旧不亮,有线电视无法使用,园区十余部电梯全部停运。   “当时大家都合计,电梯停一会就能恢复。”王女士说,可邻居们万万没有想到,这电梯一停就是两三天,昨日王女士再次打电话给小区物业,物业一名工作人员称,还得等几天。   物业:已找施工队进行维修   昨日10时许,记者来到香域蓝山小区,每栋高层电梯间的电梯门上,都贴有同样的通知,大致内容为:由于外线供不上电,导致电梯无法正常使用,给您带来的不便尽请谅解。   “我家住在18层,之前亲属约好初六到我家聚餐,结果一个个都拎着水果爬楼,你说亲属回去都得怎么讲究我。”该小区一户居民说,电梯停运后,有线电视也不能用了,如今就只能在家干坐着,啥也干不了,老人想下楼都下不去了。   记者看到,小区内共有6栋18层的楼房和几栋多层楼房配有电梯,如今电梯停运,几百户居民都得爬楼。   该小区物业相关负责人表示,电梯停运是因为小区内的供用电出了问题,零件坏了需要修理甚至更换,目前已经找到施工队进行修理,会尽快将供用电恢复,保障电梯正常运行。相关的主题文章: