Sherlock recommended IMAX battle strange viewing Dr. clazziquai

Sherlock recommended IMAX battle "strange", "strange", viewing the vertical poster version of Sina entertainment news as the 2016 IMAX screen Marvel ending, "Sherlock" by Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton starred in the superhero blockbuster "strange doctor" will be held this Friday blockbuster landing of the more than and 330 IMAX theaters. The day before, foreign Facebook exposed a Sherlock appearance of the video, he made the film magic when the gesture, side with the iconic British charm said: "we are IMAX exclusive production for more than an hour full frame picture." October 26th "Hongkong" Dr. strange released the same day, micro-blog is sitting on about four million fans of the well-known blogger IMAX 3D seen in the monkey farm version released rushed long, specially designated key: "" strange "Dr. IMAX full frame is always possible in the back and forth interesting sense of experience." So the question is, this very creative and expert fans IMAX full frame in the end is what? In this movie Chinese officially detonated before the market, will let us in the premise of no spoilers for your full decryption of IMAX full frame, and in which the key scenes are a wonderful picture changes. Super large IMAX full frame 26% secret originated in 1967 Montreal World Expo, IMAX big screen technology will be officially ushered in the fifty anniversary next year. The first by a group of scientists and engineers exhausted toss out after the film, digital technology and laser era innovation, after half a century still retains the original DNA with large format screen the audience into the amazing world of dreams. IMAX full frame is embodied the essence of DNA. As is known to all, the majority of ordinary cinema industry standard wide screen aspect ratio is the size of the 2.4:1 screen, and the size of the IMAX screen is further upgraded to 1.9:1. In general, the size of the film through the wide screen film material will be scaled, and ultimately in the big screen is only part of the original picture. So when watching movies, the audience has long been accustomed to the existence of black and white screen. With the development of the film industry especially the visual technology, many directors are expected to show the audience the visual concept and more ambitious, provides a larger canvas IMAX full frame for the filmmakers". To IMAX full frame content presented only in IMAX cinema on the extension covered almost the entire screen, giving the audience a sudden opening of the feeling, can enjoy the 26% picture more than ordinary cinema screens. Over the past few years, IMAX full frame became large higher configuration. Or from the IMAX camera’s original picture, or create a separate screen size for the IMAX period, every time it appears there are directors hope the audience get "scheming". In 2013, once dazzling performance in North America hit 2: "the Hunger Games" Xinghuoliaoyuan, director Francis Laurence to use the IMAX camera in the filming, and ultimately to full frame lattice)相关的主题文章: