Sichuan’s first running white paper reveals the secrets of runners

Sichuan’s first run group "white paper" opened the runners "secret" run on behalf of the group of Sichuan one of the first "white paper" ran group runners who opened the "secret" at the awards ceremony, sina Sichuan chief editor Mr. Deng Kai exclusive release of the Sichuan area’s first run group "white paper", vivid analysis the characteristics and exercise habits of Sichuan people run group. Survey report shows that in the running in the crowd, 47.32% are "single Wang", which accounted for more than single women; in terms of gender, Sichuan group ran male runners up to 62.41%, 37.59% for women; in the running frequency, 65.88% runners will be 2-3 times a week training run, more than 7 runners the mileage 5-10 km; nearly 3 of the runners will participate in the annual 1-2 marathon; 7 runners, night running has become a habit of them; more than half of the run, spend a year in the purchase of sports equipment on funds of 5000 yuan…… The above data are from nearly 100 regimental leaders interviewed and nearly tens of thousands of friends online investigation, true and effective. The white paper learned that most people run not for weight loss, but for health. With the development of economy, people’s material life level has been continuously improved, and more and more attention has been paid to the healthy and positive life style. Running this low threshold, convenient fitness exercise has also been loved and recognized by people, more and more people join the team of racing, investment in running is also gradually rising, the running industry is showing a booming trend.

四川首个《跑团白皮书》 揭开跑者们的“秘密” 跑团代表之一   四川首个《跑团白皮书》 揭开跑者们的“秘密”   在颁奖典礼上,新浪四川总编辑邓凯先生独家发布了四川地区首个《跑团白皮书》,生动地剖析了四川跑团人群的特征及运动习惯。调查报告数据显示,在跑步人群中,47.32%都是“单身汪”,其中单身女性占比更多;在性别方面,四川跑团男性跑者达62.41%,女性为37.59%;在跑步频率方面,65.88%的跑者每周会进行2-3次跑步训练,超过7成跑友的跑步里程为5-10公里;近3成的跑友每年都会参加1-2场马拉松比赛;有7成跑友,夜跑已成为他们的一种习惯;超过半数的跑友,每年花费在购买运动装备上的资金在5000元左右……以上数据均来自近百名跑团团长采访和近万名跑友在线调查,真实有效。   从该白皮书中了解到,大部分人跑步并不是为了减肥,而是为了健康。随着经济发展,人们的物质生活水平得到不断地提高,对健康积极的生活方式也越发重视。跑步这种低门槛、便捷的健身运动,也得到了人们的喜爱和认可,越来越多的人群加入到了跑马的队伍中,对跑步的投资也逐渐攀升,跑步产业正呈现蓬勃发展的趋势。相关的主题文章: