Silver mulberry twilight that end Silver soul cartoon 66 volume of author speech is very sad mmc.exe

Silver mulberry twilight that end? "Silver soul" cartoon 66 volume of author speech is very sad "silver soul" version of volume sixty-sixth coming tomorrow (November 4th) the sale volume booklet will be tied with OAD "" after dyed incense, the gentleman is looking forward to. But 66 volumes cover folding exposed today the author makes reflections on the house they are sad. Solachi Eiaki wrote in a speech: "we – did not specifically discuss the good, but the long-term part JUMP is in the same period. Because of receiving the same waves, and I came together with colleagues to become less and less, which makes me feel lonely time." In the empty speech, but also with a picture. In "Hunter" and "Sea King" Gon Freecss flew back running away, figure wrote: "Grandpa and grandpa Gon Freecss flew in front of." Behind the silver was on crutches with a beard of the old man, next to the text writes: "ah? What time into it." To know the speech on the house have hot air, said: "I think Gon Freecss’s grandfather did not run away, he has stopped halfway to rest." "The hunter" was a "full-time to Volume 34, volume number" silver soul "has is nearly 2 times of it, Gon Freecss is still very young." "Silver mulberry paintedso always said he was leaving soon, good sad ah." "JUMP the old works are cut, but not a new serial awesome, can see the cartoon less." "I just think now the editor of JUMP long and incompetent." Click here to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works