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Weight-Loss Nowadays, weight loss seems to be.e fashionable, especially for women. They always try many ways such as dieting or taking medicine which is claimed have the ability to lose weight. But they must know that slender body doesn’t equal to health and beauty, on the contrary, if a woman is so much thin, there would be some risks for her health. This is not a joke. After reading this article on drawbacks of over-thin, I hope you will have a new definition of health and beauty. Gastroptosis Gastroptosis is the first drawback if women have been dieting for a long time. What the symptom of gastroptosis is you have no appetite for delicious food and always feel bloating or pain of your stomach. If people are over-thin, the muscles and ligaments used for fixing the stomach would be slack, which would lead to weaken peristalsis of stomach and the stomach would be sagged. Gall stone As everyone knows, gall which contains cholesterol, bile salt, calcium and lecithin is secreted by liver and the materials such as cholesterol in our body keep a certain proportion. Because of lacking heat from foods, the fat in thin people’s body will be consumed quickly and the proportion of cholesterol in body would increase. Gradually, bile sticky and gallstone is formed. Uterine prolapse Uterine is likely to prolapse along the vaginal if there is no enough fat in your body. What’s worse, cervix infection and cervicitis would be happened. Infertility According to medical experts, the percentage of fat in women body is at least up to 17 percent, which could maintain the normal menstrual cycles and sexuality. With the help of adipose tissue, the raw materials provided by the adrenal cortex can be turned into estrogen, which is the necessary material for pregnancy. The chance of pregnancy will be reduced because of lacking fat. Osteoporosis A recent research invested 3683 woman in U.S. shows that the incidence of hip fractures in lean women is higher than women with standard weight. Because of the lack of estrogen for lean women, the .bine between calcium and bone is not good and hip fracture is easy to occur. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: