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Vice president of the association of small and medium enterprises: big data will help the financial risk prevention and control – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 14, (Wu Kai) accompanied by big data intensive application, its power in the financial sector is also of concern. Vice President Fan Xiaoxin said China Association of small and medium enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises by drawing the examination report, present situation, the implementation of enterprise credit risk early warning and a series of quantitative methods, data from many aspects of financial risk prevention and control power. For the development of big data in Chinese Fan Xiaoxin pointed out that although the traditional Chinese economic structure has been characterized by the East leading the west to catch up, but in more than and 20 domestic provinces and cities through the construction of big data, he felt that big data does not appear in China gully area development. Fan Xiaoxin said that the reason why the big data can do collaborative development, because of its geographical attributes are not high, and can stimulate the local economic development. However, there are subtle differences in different regions, such as the eastern part of the region more emphasis on big data + a variety of industries, while the western part of the region is more focused on the big data itself as an industry to develop. Fan Xiaoxin is the chairman of the Union Bank gold, released a series of products such as CNC financial supervision platform of the enterprise to the field of data mining, social governance and business opportunities. He stressed that, in addition to stimulating economic development, an important application of big data is to guard against financial risks. The first is the SME credit financing. Fan Xiaoxin pointed out that through the analysis of small and medium enterprises perennial legacy data and estimates, financial institutions can get the real health of smes. Second is to understand the credit situation of enterprises. He said that through the opening of the local, the Department of the data wall, big data applications in the enterprise to do a physical examination at the same time, but also for the enterprise to do credit portrait. Specifically, the name of the enterprise can input a credit report after a few seconds, the enterprise of industry and commerce, justice, qualifications and other aspects of the information at a glance. Another application of big data in the financial sector is to quantify the risk management and control. Fan Xiaoxin pointed out that many financial institutions are troubled by the non-performing rate of loans, but to determine which customers are good loans can be added, which customers are relatively dangerous, only rely on the credit system is unrealistic. He said that the application of big data allows financial institutions to pay attention to the risk of a few months in advance, so as to be able to intervene early, effective control of risk. (end)相关的主题文章: