Snow yesterday in Zhouzhi County, Xi’an today, the lowest temperature is only 3 degrees (video)

Zhouzhi old town yesterday snowfall, Xi’an today the lowest temperature is only 3 degrees, yesterday, Xi’an city once again encounter "haze" volt, belong to the Zhouzhi County of Xi’an snow drift. When can snow fall to the ancient city of Xi’an? Has become the expectation of many citizens. Depressed, there is fog or haze in some areas of Guanzhong, and the lowest temperature in Xi’an is only 3 degrees centigrade. Yesterday morning, the city haze is not very serious, in the afternoon, the ancient city of "gray", the sun emits yellow light, the entire building was enveloped in a layer of gray yellow, poor visibility. Friends circle, Zhouzhi old county netizens, drying out the white snow. Or the branches are covered with snow, or the roof is white, or the footprints left by someone on the path…… In this way, the snow caused the envy and envy of the public. "We do not want haze, we want snowflakes, when Xi’an city can snow?"" Ms. Lin’s question represents the aspirations of many citizens. Provincial meteorological experts said yesterday, Tongchuan, Baoji, Xianyang, Xi’an, Shangluo, Hanzhoung and other places, and precipitation, mostly in the form of rain falling down, some mountains and the surrounding areas such as Zhouzhi and other places, the temperature is very low, it is in the form of snow falling down. Xi’an City snow conditions, when the first snow this winter attack, also have to wait. Today, during the day: cloudy sunny days in the whole province, fog or haze in some parts of Guanzhong; from 12 to 11: sunny days in Northern Shaanxi; cloudy days in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi; cloudy days in Northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong; cloudy in southern Shaanxi; cloudy in southern shaanxi. The highest temperature is 9-11 degrees north of Northern Shaanxi, 10 – 12 degrees south of Northern Shaanxi, 12-14 degrees north of guanzhong. Among them, Xi’an is cloudy and sunny today, 3 ~ 16 degrees centigrade; sunny days will turn cloudy tomorrow, 4 ~ 17 degrees; the day after tomorrow is sunny, 6 ~ 16 degrees centigrade. Meteorological experts remind that the lowest temperature in Xi’an this morning is only 3 degrees, early warming out people should pay attention to keep warm, the afternoon the highest 16 degrees, the temperature difference is relatively large. Chief reporter Ji Na (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. 48 low temperature district heating ahead of schedule debugging

周至老县城昨降雪 西安今最低温仅3℃  昨天,西安市区再度遭遇“霾”伏,同属于西安市的周至县雪花飘。何时雪花能飘到古城西安市区呢?成了很多市民的期待。郁闷的是,今天,关中部分地方有雾或霾,西安最低温仅3℃。   昨天早晨,古城的霾还不是很严重,到了下午时分,古城“灰灰”的,太阳发出昏黄的光,整个建筑物被笼罩在一层灰黄中,能见度比较差。朋友圈内,周至老县城的网友们,晒出了白茫茫的雪照。或者树枝上落满了雪,或者房屋顶上白了,或者小路上有人踩过后留下的脚印……   这样晒雪景,引发市民的羡慕嫉妒。“我们不要霾,我们要雪花,啥时候西安市区能下雪呢?”林女士的提问代表了很多市民的心声。   省气象台专家说,昨天,铜川、宝鸡、咸阳、西安、商洛、安康、汉中等地出现降水,多数是以雨水的形式降落下来,一些山区及周边地方比如周至等地,气温很低,则是以雪的形式落下来。西安市区降雪条件不足,何时迎今冬首场雪,还得再等等。   今天白天:全省晴天间多云,关中部分地方有雾或霾;今晚到11日:陕北晴天间多云,关中、陕南晴天转多云;12日:陕北、关中晴天间多云,陕南多云。最高气温:陕北北部9-11℃,陕北南部10—12℃,关中北部12-14℃。   其中,西安今天多云转晴天,3℃~16℃;明天晴天转多云,4℃~17℃;后天晴天,6℃~16℃。   气象专家提醒,西安今晨最低温度只有3℃,早起外出的人们要注意保暖,午后最高16℃,温差比较大。首席记者姬娜(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 48个低温小区今起提前供暖调试相关的主题文章: