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Some day cool autumn fat appetite once miss will no longer lead: autumn has been more than half, and the heat dissipated is inversely proportional to increase appetite and appetite, taking advantage of the weekend, it is time to stick autumn fat traditional action. (author: curly) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! Early autumn plump little seafood, full pool of lotus lotus and intoxicating autumn breeze is a boon not et al, these flavorfully conception of autumn fat really once they no longer miss. Beijing cuisine is the lotus flower garden flower garden home is a 20 year old history, from the originator to the small Guijie engraved Manhanquanxi fine cuisine, Beijing cuisine is representative called flower garden. The newly refurbished upgrade Qinghua Road shop in addition to the familiar Yiyuan classic dishes, the most worth mentioning is the environment here: at the instrument is connected with the outdoor courtyard, open platform quiet pond is full of leisure. With infinite green lotus leaves beauty enjoy down to earth’s traditional delicacy, comfortable. Yiyuan chicken Yan value and domineering king name, for three small fire slow soaking chicken until cooked, cut small pieces of chicken, soft and tender, with a small cucumber, tomato, hygrophila chjcory, small twist, fried creak boxes, meat collocation, sesame sauce poured on special eat spicy and delicious. Deer meat is burst dishes, but also special feast dishes flower garden. Tendon glial rich, soft waxy flavor and taste Q bomb, the middle of the fried pork hot clip in white collocation in the bun, a bite a mouthful of incense. Crayfish are flower garden signs, Flower Garden Flower Lei general manager personally selected South Xuyi crayfish live without pollution, stable quality, spicy, garlic, sweet taste, thirteen Korean pickled cabbage crayfish have let a person can’t stop. Flapjack roll elbow is the old Beijing favorite food, flower garden version Flapjack soft crisp outside, sweet sauce pork meat bone, with cucumber, small onion, sweet, eat well. Fermented bean curd and Stinky tofu is also good in this population of people Flapjack baby. If you love the old Beijing snacks fried sausage, vegetable style fried sausage can not be missed. Enema tablets and broth silk, garlic, millet pepper fry, with fragrance upgrade, garlic juice, a crisp, aftertaste endless. Flower garden store address: Haidian District Tsinghua Qinghua Road West Road No. 28, No. four subway line on the west side of the door into the Old Summer Palace station exit A Tel: 010-5620 9216 will be posted at: meat, smoked pork tendon burst volume Flapjack statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Jing Ya Tang autumn plump Seafood House Sanlitun hotel in Beijing Roasted Duck Ya Tang class, snacks have done a kind of mold, but now the most worthy of recommendation is to limit the supply of September 11th special seafood menu. Autumn is the season to eat seafood, meat fat foot abalone, conch, shrimp Pipi spend everything let people taste buds open. Seafood is beautiful, but do it yourself husking dirty is trouble, Jing Ya Tang all the seafood after careful treatment on the table after the kitchen, you can rest assured that the big mouth to eat. Onion mustard.相关的主题文章: