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Devices that protect your screen from scratches and worse There is a category of mobile smartphone accessories designed to protect your touch screen from damage. A brand that is only available for IPhone 3Gs is the Phonedevil magic screen. This screen protector is easy to apply on to your cell phone. It does not need any further shaping with scissors, .es .plete with cleaning cloth and a smoothing tool for getting out the air bubbles once the gadget is attached. An additional feature this specific screen cover has is giving your phone the illusion of being turned off when viewed from a side angle. This should keep those nosy neighbors disinterested in whatever your doing. They wont know you are doing anything. Devices that protect the entire cell phone An extension of the screen protector is the body protector. This thin film can seamlessly cover the entire cell phone, not only protecting it from scratching, but also from dust and chemical pollutants which may harm the metal. This is a good device to attach to your phone if you live in an area where the air is mildly acidic or otherwise polluted. One re.mendable brand of body protector is BodyGuardz. They make these for a wide range of phone models. Chances are you can find one cut just right for yours. The package includes an extra set of covers so that if you goof up your first try, you still have another chance. It takes some practice to attach the device and probably your best option is to have it attached by your vendor the first time you try the gadget. Gadgets that provide tough protection against physical impact and harsh weather One of the well-known brands is the OtterBox Defender Series. The material used for this brand is of two types, one for the outer cushion and another for the inner shell. The outer layer is made of rubberized silicone. This covers the inner layer which is a harder variety of silicone. With this device in place, your phone can get dropped, thrown about and even kicked without showing any damage for having been abused. Also available with this model is a scratch-proof screen protector. This prevents your having to replace the entire protector because the portion covering the screen is all messed up. Devices that enhance the fashion appeal of the phone There are an infinite variety of casings made to enhance both the look and functionality of the cell-phones casing. Some of these are simple covers made of leather or leatherette. There are also elaborately designed ones. They do not cover the entire phone but can protect it from physical impact partially. Choose the ones that .plement your phones colors and your own personality. If you like clipping your phone to your garments or belt, choose models with clips or those specially designed for attaching to belts. Devices that help you tune in to the best FM signal These devices are ideal for traveling. One good model is the Belkin TuneBase with hands free. It zooms in on the best FM frequency available while you are on the road. Once this signal faint, simply click a button and the device looks for another FM station. Lots more available with varieties of functionality Besides those mentioned, there are probably hundreds more of gadgets and mobile smartphone available for increasing the functionality, the protection and the appearance of your cell phone. Visit For more Info : mobile smartphone 相关的主题文章: