South Bay Street rental house anti drug publicity scene the first activity on the bright huangshexiaoshuo

South Bay Street rental site: anti drug propaganda activities on the first to explain social drug knowledge on October 24th in the afternoon, the streets of the South Bay Comprehensive Management Office jointly Nanling police station to the foreign population intensive Nanling village square and all kinds of rental housing, to carry out national drug control, healthy life "rental housing publicity function. By hanging anti drug banners, posting posters identifying drugs, issuing anti drug propaganda folding, providing on-site consultation and other forms, the knowledge of "anti-virus, drug and toxin identification" is brought to the general masses. In the activities of anti drug social workers issued anti drug folding activities, the instructors of the Nanling police station explained the drug knowledge to the masses participating in the activities, warned everyone to improve vigilance against drugs, and did not enter the complex places of public security. The horse uncle said: "the drug is harmful, and I want to take these anti drug information back to my grandson."". The event is a national anti drug campaign, the first healthy life "series, hosted by chunnuan drug workers, a total of 20 banner, poster 100 posted anti drug, anti drug publicity materials distributed in the South Bay area 300, once again set off a round of anti drug propaganda, to create a strong atmosphere of the anti drug struggle. Wang Jie, a social worker against drug abuse in the South Bay Street

南湾街道出租屋禁毒宣传现场:首场活动就亮了社工讲解毒品知识10月24日下午,南湾街道综治办联合南岭派出所到外来人口密集的南岭村广场及各类出租屋,开展“全民禁毒,健康生活”出租屋禁毒宣传活动。通过悬挂禁毒标语横幅,张贴识别毒品的海报,发放禁毒宣传折页,提供现场咨询等形式,把“防毒拒毒识毒”的知识带到普通群众中来。禁毒社工发放禁毒折页活动中,南岭派出所谢教导员向参与活动的群众讲解毒品知识,告诫大家要提高对于毒品的警惕性,不要进入治安复杂的场所。在场的马大爷说:“毒品危害巨大,我要把这些禁毒资料拿回去给我的孙子看”。此次活动是“全民禁毒,健康生活”系列活动的第一场,由春暖禁毒社工承办,共悬挂横幅20条,张贴禁毒海报100张,发放禁毒宣传资料300多份,在南湾辖区再次掀起了一轮全民禁毒的宣传攻势,营造了浓烈的禁毒斗争的氛围。(春暖驻南湾街道禁毒社工 王洁)相关的主题文章: