Taiwan army Army Artillery Tube Explosion 1 pilots eye injuries sent to hospital masa-c

Taiwan Army chariot gun explosion 1 drivers eyes injured in hospital Taiwan Army 542 Brigade North test center, live fire drills, a driver’s eyes are xuxing hands, accidentally smoke spread, sent to hospital. Reporter Lin Qiwei turn / photo original title: Taiwan army tank gun tube explosion in a driver’s eyes in a hospital in new network on 31 August, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that 9 am this morning, the Taiwan army’s 542 brigade, a CM11 Yong tiger fighting vehicles in the Hsinchu County Hukou Township North Camp in the test and measurement center muzzle blast occurred, the driver surnamed Xu, eye injury, the military immediately sent Taoyuan hospital, no big deal. The North Test Center said, only one soldier eyes hurt, but there were no casualties, investigate the reason yet in the muzzle blast. Director of Taiwan army six army major general Jian Shiwei said that the driver surnamed Xu because of dust generated by eye muzzle burst to get by, first aid Political Warfare Officer to escort him to the hospital, but there were no casualties. Taiwan Sixth Army Corps, 542 brigade and 2 battalion in the North test center implementation force identification test before a reformed, in second after shooting CM11 tanks, guns for unknown reasons since the gun smoke exhauster is located in the rear fracture, complete vehicles, ammunition in filter has the same type of shooting, now the car has been in the war command indicating full stop shooting, the project team combed through the cause. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: